Saturday, 5 August 2017

3 Corrie Storylines We Want to Happen Right Now

What three Coronation Street storylines would you like to happen right now? I mean, right this minute so that the next time you turned Corrie on to watch on your TV, they were happening as you sat down and watched?

Mine would be as follows:

1. Spider Nugent returns with the sad news that Aunty Em has passed away. This will give us Corrie fans a chance to mourn the passing of Emily and say a proper, decent farewell to actress Eileen Derbyshire, who I doubt very much we'll ever see again on TV.  It's one thing pretending Emily's all well and happy living in Peru but I'd much rather give her a proper send off, get a bottle of stout in and cry my eyes out when Spider comes home with the sad news.   Oh, and while he's back, he gets Toyah pregnant. She realises she doesn't love Peter and never has. She and Spider move into Emily's house with their new baby and Toyah's hippy clothes. Norris and Sean are forced to move out and buy a flat together in Victoria Court.

2. Carla Connor returns and kicks some butt. She and Eva team up at Underworld, running the place as a team, a force to be reckoned with. They kick out Johnny and Aidan who set themselves up in competition, which the Underworld women will win, of course.

3. Gail and Eileen will finally stop fighting, realise they're meant to be together and live happily ever after.

What would YOUR three, current, fantasy storylines be?

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Maricha said...

Didn't Emily sell Norris her house?
My 3 fantasy storylines? 1) Someone, I'd settle for anyone at this point, goes through university or learns a skill and sticks to it long enough for us to see a proper graduation and career start.
2)Roy, Yasmeen and Mary become best friends so we can finally have a few smart but unpretentious characters in the same scenes.No Gemma allowed. 3)Steve and Leanne get married,fall in love and they buy back the Rovers after Peter and Toyah break up.

Humpty Dumpty said...

My three would be: 1) Sally becomes an assistant manager an up-market dress shop, eventually rising to manager. Plenty of scope for her pretensions. Might be funny if she had the rest of the family grudgingly acting as drivers and cleaners; 2) The factory is bought out and closed! It's turned into something more relevant, maybe a distribution centre; 3) No former character, who has absent for more than a year, ever returns ever again. At least, not until the writers can give them a believable storyline.

Aussie Pete said...

1. In the new set expansion we get the return of a Freshcos. Plenty of opportunities for storylines, many characters could work there instead of the factory or the bistro and logically everyone would venture there regularly as it's mentioned often enough.
2. A relationship where no one actually cheats or has an affair. Happens way too often in the street to a point where it gets ridiculous. Not everyone cheats, if you want to break a couple up, just let them come to a realisation and split amicably!
3. I challenge the writers to not kill ANYONE off for 12 months! The only reason they could write one in in that time would be the passing of an actor/actress. Too much death, have a more comedic year, everyone enjoys the comedy! Just look at how much fun we have with Sally and Tim?!? Best couple in years!

coconno196 said...

I love the Spider and Toyah suggestion, though Maricha is right, Norris did buy Emily's house some years ago. Aussie Pete and Maricha: it's as if you read my mind!

Louby said...

Love number 1 Nora! My other two would be -

(I know we did similar to this the other day) Owen to return and with Anna's help they get revenge on Phelan, somehow including Andy who was not actually dead, then when Phelan is sorted, Anna and Owen go off together, and Andy joins Steph, all happily ever after.

Daniel resits his finals and this time does get a first. Decides not to go to Oxford (because I don't want him to leave!) but goes local and eventually, after getting a masters and phd becomes a professor.

Anonymous said...

Any news on Carla's return?! Hope she returns!

popcorn said...

1. Puh-LEEZE bring Spider back! He and Toyah made such a great team, and there is absolutely no spark between Toyah and Peter - never has been. I love your scenario, FN.
2. Yes, one full calendar year with nobody being killed, as well as no fiery conflagrations, tram accidents or serious car crashes (or poisonings, or......)
3. Find a way to get our Liz back in the Rovers.

Sarah Fallows said...

1: get rid of the bistro and Robert.
2: Steve and Leanne together in the rovers
3: Johnny and Jenny to be happy.

vintgal003 said...

LOVE your first idea....YES Kate, BRING BACK SPIDER !!!!!!!!!!! Perfect storyline....Toyah and Peter are just not suited for each other....

Anonymous said...

1. Gail meets a new man, marries him & it works
2. Aidan & Rosie as a couple ... makes me laugh just thinking about it
3. Liz & Jim McDonald reunited & landlords in the Rovers.

Canadian watcher said...

#1 wouldn't work because it's Norris' house. Also, the last time I saw Martin Hancock (who played Spider), he looked way older than Chris Gascoyne, although that may just have been how he was made up. (Peter BarIow is supposed to be almost 7 years older than Spider). I would sooner leave my fond images of teenage Torah and eco-warrier 20-something Spider in my memory where they belong.

Canadian watcher said...

Toyah! Darn that auto-correct!

sisteranna said...

My three story lines are: Jenny and Johnny get married; after a short time, (a month), Jenny gets pregnant with twins, a boy and a girl.

Steve and Leanne also marry, before Jen and John, they also have a child together, a little girl, (the more babies the better).

Ken advertises for a housekeeper/live in companion. A really attractive woman of a certain age replies to the advert gets the job and after about 6 months, they realize they are in love, truly, madly, deeply, in love. They marry soon after. However, they do not reproduce.

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