Saturday, 12 August 2017

11 Coronation Street Spoilers for Autumn 2017

With thanks to What's On TV for alerting us to the following storylines coming up this autumn in Coronation Street.

Some of the spoilers below will seem familiar, some are continuation of current storylines and some are new to us.  I hope you enjoy reading about them all.

1. Will steps up his campaign of terror.

2. Shona and David finally get together.

3. Eva pushes ahead with her plot to destroy Aidan.

4. Nasty Nathan and Neil go on trial. See the pics here

5. Kate Connor gets a new lover. Find out who it is

6. Mary’s son Jude comes to Weatherfield – and learns the truth about his dad.

7. Toyah meets up with a potential surrogate. But will the woman want to help when she learns that Peter is an alcoholic?

8. Anna discovers Seb is living in squalor. Having previously had no time for the tearaway teen, will she come to his aid?

9. Chesney goes awol after a panic attack, leaving youngsters Hope and Ruby alone and in danger.

10. Gary accepts more dangerous work in the Ukraine when son Jake needs speech therapy classes.

11. Sally sets her sights on becoming Mayor of Weatherfield. Will she land the top job? And if so, will the power go to her head?  Read more on that here

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Aussie Pete said...

Sounds exciting!!

Derelict Cucumberpatch said...

Not looking forward to seeing David and Shona together! So so wrong!

Phrogglady said...

think it is perfect pairing

Tvor said...

1. I lost interest after Chesney was stabbed and recovered. Make it go away please.

2. Still feels weird for Shona and David to be together though I do like her.

3. Eva has to stop this. She'll be padding up her stomach soon and that's going to be difficult to keep up if she's sleeping in the same bed with the guy.

4. Looking forward to the rest of Bethany's story with the trial and all the other stuff

5. Kate's lover.. oh well, had to happen I guess. Nobody can be single for long. Was hoping it would be Nicola but apparently she's got a fella.

6. Very interested in Mary's story.

7. A bit meh on the surrogate storyline. I suppose she'll turn out to be a psycho and want to take over their lives. There have been a few movies like that.

8. Obviously TPTB were impressed enough with Seb to keep him on and give him more of a backstory. Also explains why Faye connected with him so much, with her having a similar childhood before adoption

9. Entirely realistic that Chesney is going through this. It can happen to the steadiest of folk.

10. Kind of boring, you'd think Gary being a builder could get work easily. The new construction projects in the Manchester area are multiple. There were new buildings every time I went there on my yearly visits.

11. Sally running for council was fun so Sally running for Mayor has got to be even more, right? Or it's a repeat storyline. If she quite the council (for good reasons, re the stalking) it won't look good for her campaign without some mightly professional spin.

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