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Friday, 16 June 2017

Who lives where in Coronation Street (2/2)

Writing a post earlier in the week about the inhabitants of Weatherfield houses, I realised that there are far too many residences on the set nowadays and I'd have to therefore split it into two posts. Here's the first - and here's the latter of the set, covering Victoria Street, Rosamund Street and beyond.

19a Rosamund Street
Firstly it's worth noting that this is the only current residence on Rosamund Street. Whether that changes with the new set we'll have to wait and see. It's also worth stating that prior to the set move to MediaCity, this flat was numbered 9a, and prior to 2007 the entrance to it was on Victoria Street, where it was numbered 17a. Peter Barlow and his girlfriend Toyah Battersby currently live here, with Peter's nephew Adam.

14a Victoria Street
The flat above the community centre was last occupied by Kirk and Beth Sutherland. Janice Battersby was the longest serving resident and it is currently vacant.

15a Victoria Street
Steve McDonald owns the flat, which was rented by Kate Connor and Alya Nazir until tonight. He's turfed them out so that he and Liz have somewhere to live when they move out of the Rovers!

16a Victoria Street
Above Roy's Rolls Cafe is another flat, two-bedroomed and occupied by Roy Cropper and his lodger Brian Packham. Roy's wife Hayley took her own life in the front bedroom back in January 2014. Ken Barlow was staying here following his attack a few months ago but has since returned to No. 1.
18a Victoria Street
The flat above the kebab shop was home to Leanne Battersby until last year when she moved in with Nick at Victoria Court. It is now home to Leanne's half-sister Eva Price and her fiancée Aidan Connor (though perhaps for not much longer if Aidan's affair with Maria Connor is exposed!)

19a Victoria Street
The builder's yard's flat has fresh carpets with thanks to Pat Phelan - who had to replace them when he murdered Andy Carver in the flat last year. Luke Britton lives here now with his brand new flatmates Kate Connor and Alya Nazir who moved in after being turfed out of No. 15a Victoria Street. The flat featured heavily a few years ago when Rob Donovan followed Tina McIntyre upstairs and out onto the open roof where she was pushed and murdered following a blow to the head.

8 Victoria Court
Stylish although obscure in design, No. 8 Victoria Court was home to Nick Tilsley though now he's ran off, the only residents are single mum Leanne Battersby and her sons Simon Barlow and Oliver Battersby.

9 Victoria Court
This residence hadn't been seen for years until Robert Preston moved in. He was 'homeless' on the show for a while, with nobody quite knowing where he lived until his new flat appeared on screen. Girlfriend Michelle Connor moved in earlier this year.

12 Victoria Court
This is definitely the most lavish apartment, and previously the home to Carla Connor, her dad Johnny Connor now lives here alone. He's just kicked Jenny Bradley out after calling off their marriage.

5 Grasmere Drive
Audrey Roberts' house since she moved out of Coronation Street back in 1989 with husband Alf. She's lived alone since he death except for brief times when people have moved in such as Bill Webster, Nick Tilsey, David, Sarah-Louise and Bethany Platt.

28 Grayling Street
Now this is quite possibly the most ludicrous living arrangement. Izzy Armstrong lives in this bungalow with her son Jake Windass and Jake's dad Gary. Now I don't know about you, but I wonder how Sarah-Louise feels about her boyfriend still living with his ex? I know it's for the benefit of Izzy's health and to care for Jake but I can't imagine her being very happy about it.

Unknown Addresses: According to blog readers, Alex Warner now lives at in assisted living accommodation, we also currently see an unnamed flat above Nathan Curtis' tanning shop.

And well I've rather enjoyed compiling this little list of residences, so I think next week I'll do a follow up of 'who works where', as I've noticed there's a few new additions to some businesses recently.

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Where's Emily?? said...

Alma Halliwell/Baldwin lived with Audrey for a couple of years at Grasmere.

What about the apt. building that Mike Baldwin owned? It should at least get a mention, after al , it's where we met the characters of Roy Cropper and Tricia Armstrong (mother of one of Terry Duckworths sons) who were introduced to the street via Deirdre. Was it on Victoria Street?

Maricha said...

Thanks again, Michael.This was excellent.

Scott Willison said...

Growing up, I was always fascinated that Gail and Brian didn't live on Coronation Street but off in a cul-de-sac somewhere. I could never understand why they were still on the show!

Cobblestone said...

If we're going to go back into the past, there's Betty's house at 38 Hillside Crescent as well.

Unknown said...

Because Brian owned the mechanics and Gail owned the cafe, plus both their mothers lived on the st. That's why.

Maricha said...

I saw it on an old show map. Baldwin's building was at 5 Crimea Street. It ran parallel to Victoria Street.


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