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Tuesday 27 June 2017

Coronation Street spoiler: Bloodbath at the Bistro

Chesney gets caught in the crossfire when there’s a bloodbath at the Bistro. Have we ever had a more dramatic storyline for poor Ches? I think not!

After a heart to heart Chesney and Sinead agree to give their relationship another chance and Chesney decides to go and see Daniel at the Bistro to lay their differences to rest. 

Meanwhile the restaurant is in chaos as a clearly wired Rich is demanding Robert launder his drugs money or he will reveal Robert’s past to Michelle.

Rich grabs a broken bottle as Chesney enters the bistro. Rich swings the bottle, slashing Chesney who collapses to the ground clutching his stab wound! Rich drops the bottle and does a runner. 

The paramedics arrive and Chesney is loaded into an ambulance. Will he survive or is he getting killed off?

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Anonymous said...

Let's hope he dies. I'm sure Sam is a great actor but he's never been given a chance to prove it. Watching Chesney is about as entertaining as watching paint dry.

JennyMac said...

That's a bit harsh Anonymous! Chesney as a characte has never been given a storyline to stretch him.
I wonder if he will end up in a nice little private room at the hospital like they all do, with never a nurse in sight :)

Anonymous said...

Really? That's very mean. As you say, he's never been given the chance to prove himself, so is that any reason to wish him dead?

Diona54 said...

I like Chesney as a character but he has been pretty dull at times. I believe it is the SL's they give him. I am not happy he and Sinead are getting back together though because when she ran off with Daniel, she hurt him so much. He deserves better than her!

Laura said...

I hope they don't actually get back together. She's shown him twice that she's on the lookout for something better (first trying to kiss Aiden, then leaving him for Daniel).

Like the saying goes, when someone shows you who they are, believe them.

Zagg said...

I'm not hoping he dies, but they could write him out at this point with very little impact on the show. He's just not interesting to watch.If he does stay, I sincerely hope it's not with Sinead again. She dropped him like a hot potato for the new face on the street. He should get together with Gemma. Their opposite personalities could make for some funny moments, if the writers were up to it.

Cobblestone said...

Anon @09:26 clearly distinguishes between the actor and the character. Are you sure you are doing the same. Personally, I too would be happy to see the back of Chesney, thus releasing Sam Aston to tackle more challenging roles. Without doubt the Street's dullest character. What about reintroducing Chesney & Fizz' elder brother? There's been no mention of him in years.

Where's Emily? said...

Chez was cute when he was little and he had some funny storylines, but the poor lad is as dull as dishwater. Even Uncle Albert led a more exciting and fulfilling life. The lad is wishy-washy!

As for Sinead, after Chez dies she would be so distraught that she couldn't bear to live on the same street that took her "rebound/safe guy" away.
That's how I'd write it. Wouldn't mind seeing more of Kirkie and Auntie Beth though. Better yet they could bring "thieving Nana" back to spice things up!


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