Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Baby bombshell, a rover returns and more big Corrie spoilers

The big storyline next week in Corrie will be Eva finding out that she's pregnant with Aidan's baby - after she finds out about his fling with Maria.  What's Eva going to do? Find out more here.

Gina upsets Tim next week in Coronation Street after she reveals a family secret. And Sally's not best pleased with her sister either when she finds out what she's been doing online! Find out more here.

Chesney grows a pair and threatens Daniel to stay away from Sinead next week in Corrie.  What's Daniel's reaction likely to be and what's next for Ches and Sinead? Find out more here.

Michelle's ex-fella Will returns to Weatherfield next week. Why has this upset Robert though? Find out more here.

Robert's drug-dealer friend Rich gets into trouble next week in the Bistro. Find out more here.

Phelan and Nicola find out they're related. How will Phelan react to the news that Nicola's his daughter? Find out more here.

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Zagg said...

Wow, another unplanned pregnancy. How unbelievably unoriginal. Just how many times are they going to make the women on this show look too stupid to handle birth control?
Honestly, these writers and producers should be embarrassed about this lazy, overused, overworked chestnut of a storyline.

abbyk said...

Amazing that teenaged Bethany knew to get an implant and Nurse Rana got the pill in spite of her husband's wishes, but no one else can figure it out, and that includes the men!

Anonymous said...

And yet none of them contract STDs.

Anonymous said...

Bite your tongue - that will become next year's "social issue" for Corrie to explore... STDs.

C in Canada said...

An affair, and a baby bombshell. Yawn.

Cobblestone said...

What makes you think this was entirely unplanned by Eva? She clearly loved looking after Liam & would think a baby would cement her relationship with Waste-of-Space Aiden.

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