Sunday, 25 June 2017

Pics: Robert tries to kill Rich in Coronation Street

Pic: The Sun
There are yet more paparazzi pictures online this week showing Robert and Rich the drug dealer having a right old set-to.

The pictures show Robert battling Rich on a doorstep and wrestling him to the ground. He then appears to leave him lying in the garden as he makes his escape. Rich ends up with bloodied nose too,

Hmm... do we like this new, vicious Robert or should he go back behind the bar of the Bistro being all dark, handsome and silent?

The Sun goes on to say that  Rich starts to blackmail Robert. He offers to keep his secrets in return for Robert laundering money through the Bistro.

Just what secrets, I wonder, does Robert have to keep?

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Humpty Dumpty said...

Sounds like an attempt to make Robert interesting. They had the same problem with Nick. Robert's a good-looking man and could become the Bistro's resident playboy. Perhaps the actor would be best used in light weight rom-com storylines in Corrie. He doesn't convince as a hard man or pretty much anything he's done in the soap so far.

Tvor said...

I'm with Humpty. Robert has been and up to now, continues to be dull.

abbyk said...

I call him Robert the Adult because of all his street contemporaries, he's consistently the one to be patient and come up with sensible solutions, i.e., act like an adult. He doesn't jump to wrong conclusions, he isn't stupid, he controls his jealousy, he knows his weaknesses and gets people to help him (like managing the bistro), he generally gives his staff guidance and was smart enough to dump Tracy (and she has blossomed since). All this realism makes him pretty dull; he needs a dog or to take up a sport or something. And lose Michelle, other than a booty call, she's doing him no favors. I'd like to see him with an equally adult lady, maybe Rana has a nurse friend. And no, I don't see him beating a drug dealer senseless; I think he'll come up with something a bit more clever.

Anonymous said...

Regardless of his past,shouldn't Robert to go to the police about his ex drug dealer friend or would that make too much sense for a storyline?
I hope this isn't used as a ploy for Michelle to take over the Bistro[which is the only reason why she's with Robert,]along with her childhood sweetheart Will who's returning to the Street.

Anonymous said...

Don't care, wish he'd leave. Boring character and I have no interest to watch his 1st storyline.

Anonymous said...

Always suspected Robert had a dark side....the quiet ones tend to be the worse !

Derelict Cucumberpatch said...

I agree with Anon 02:25, I really don't care for Robert in the slightest, he is and always will be as dull as ditchwater no matter what storyline they give him. Cannot believe Tracy actually married the bloke!