Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Coronation Street spoiler: Can Anna win Kevin back?

Kevin and Erica get to grips in next week’s Coronation Street when Dev invites Kev and Anna for dinner.

Anna gets cold feet and refuses to go for the dinner which makes Kevin annoyed so he sets off by himself.

With Dev out collecting the kids, Erica and Kevin are left on the sofa alone to entertain each other.

But back home, Anna confides in Rosie that the fire and burns have knocked her confidence for six and next to Erica she feels plain and dowdy. In an effort to cheer Anna up, Rosie puts together a mood board of fashion ideas for her. Anna’s touched by her kindness and asserts that she’s going to make things up to Kevin.

Will it be too late? Has Kev had his head turned by Erica already?

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1 comment:

Where;s Emily? said...

I don't like the pairing of Anna and Kevin. It was like the writers thought "who's about the same age on the street". It's just weird with the whole Tim,Faye,Sally,Kevin thing, like the Waltons on crack.

Kevin has proven himself to be selfish, selfcentred, and disloyal. Get yer cash back babe and move out and on, take a course or something. So far Faye has had two stepdads *so to speak*, give the kid a chance for the merrygo round to slow down.

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