Friday, 16 June 2017

Coronation Street prequel books to be published

We previously revealed that there are two new Coronation Street books on their way. But now, we can confirm there will be three.

Publisher HarperCollins will be releasing three Coronation Street prequel novels. They will be set on the street before the TV programme began in 1960 and will “tell the story of the early lives of the iconic matriarchs of the street”. 

The first book, Christmas on Coronation Street, will be published in November retailing at £12.99 with two more planned in 2018.

Manchester-based author Maggie Sullivan has been a fan of the show since childhood. She said: “It has been so exciting to work with HarperCollins and ITV on this project, a wonderful opportunity to explore the lives of the old favourites and to get to know them better.”

The publisher said: “Coronation Street is the most famous street in the world and we are absolutely delighted to have embarked on this initiative with ITV Studios, the country’s largest commercial production company. We’ll be working together to create new stories from Coronation Street’s rich heritage that will draw in the existing fan base and recruit a whole new audience.”

You can already pre-order the first two books here  
These new Corrie books reminds me of Daran Little's books: "Coronation Street": The War Year"Coronation Street" at War and "Coronation Street": Keeping the Home Fires Burning

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Cobblestone said...

Well, yes, it's all very interesting, but it's really writing about a bunch of characters who no one has ever heard of, clustered around a handful that most viewers are too young to remember. It smacks of glorified fan-fiction to me.

Maricha said...

While I agree that it's fan-fiction, it's definitely going to be fun to read especially if you're not from the UK. It's easy to find out about major historical events but to know the day to day lives of ordinary people, there's nothing much. In recent years there's been Call The Midwife but it started off in the same era as Corrie did.

I doubt we'd learn a lot that concerned present day Corrie characters but the link to older ones is interesting and if the original episodes are released for sale at some point it will be good to have some background information about their lives.

Anonymous said...

Fan fiction. I won't be buying these. Never heard of Maggie Sullivan either and she doesn't seem to have a profile online, which is odd for a writer.

Maricha said...

Is this author also known as Margaret C. Sullivan? Because that author wrote something along the same lines but for Jane Austen fans.

Flaming Nora said...

Yes, I think that's her.

Maricha said...

Ah, Thanks! I bought the Austen book a few years ago and liked it. :-)

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