Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Coronation Street Spoiler: Baby bombshell for Eva

Next week Eva is going to find out she’s pregnant with Aidan’s baby. But there’s another shock in store for her too.

Aidan and Maria are planning a cosy afternoon. But he fails to spot a text from Eva, revealing she’s coming home early from France.  Back at the flat Aidan’s forced to hide a half-dressed Maria but Eva finds out what’s been going on.

Her stomach turns as the reality kicks in that Aidan and Maria are having an affair. Incandescent, she flies out to confront Maria but bottles it as Liam is with her.

Aidan sits Eva down, finally ready to dump her for Maria, but Eva tells him she’s got a bombshell of her own.  Aidan’s left reeling and is forced to choose between Eva and the baby or Maria.

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boris the spider said...

Wait, what? Eva is still giving Aidan the option to choose? Surely not!

Where's Emily? said...

I'm with you BorisWHAT???

Of course she's broken hearted, but would she really want someone who wants someone else? Someone he's been sleeping with,her "best" friend. He's a dog and so is Maria.

Eva Price's Left Hook said...

Maybe, we're going to see a replay of the Lucy/Peter/Shelley storyline. The one where Peter was seeing two women, chooses the pregnant women, gets punched by the other woman, and then loses both women, and the child. I'd like to see Aiden get a swat, Eva is too good for either of them

Tilly Flop said...

I've read spoilers elsewhere that Eva stays with him to get her revenge and ruin him. Go Eva

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