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Monday 26 June 2017

Coronation Street Blog Interview with Samia Longchambon

 “She’s a massive fool. I feel like banging her head against the wall”
Samia Longchambon on Maria's affair with Aidan...
Hiya! It’s just Jordan with another interview from the recent press day at ITV. This time, it’s with Samia Longchambon, who gave a brilliantly comedic insight into Maria’s part in Corrie’s five-millionth love triangle. She’s a real trouper, that Samia. The ever-glamourous soap star wandered into the Bistro having just had a root canal, ready to dish up the gossip from Maria’s point of view.
The interview started by addressing the baby bombshell straight on; up until this point, Maria has fully believed that Aidan will leave Eva for her. This changes everything. Now, apart from anything else, Samia pointed out that Maria really should have learned that affairs do not work like that, after Tyrone cheated on her with Fiz about sixteen years ago. But Maria has fallen hook, line and sinker for Aidan, as we have seen. They’ve even got that Connor connection, Aidan being the cousin of Maria’s late husband. And we know that Maria’s not evil. She’s no Tracy when it comes to affairs, she’s simply blinded by love.  However, Maria does need to watch out when Eva the Diva is on the loose. Eva has got a meticulously dark plan to carry out her rage; the worst Maria can do is cut her hair.
“She doesn’t want to hurt Eva. She’s not doing this to be vindictive or a bitch or anything. She’s just in love with Aidan. But she is worried. I’d be worried; I wouldn’t want a beating off Eva!”
Samia explained that since the tragic loss of Liam back in 2007, Maria has never quite found that sort of love again, despite all of her searching.
“Her heart is in the right place. She loves her friends and she loves her family but she’s got that missing piece”  
When asked what Maria should do after this whole affair, Samia had the following hilarious response:
“She needs to just start going to church and redeem herself…throw herself into her hairdressing for a while. Stop being the Weatherfield bike”
Much of the interview focused on Maria herself rather than the love triangle, much to my relief. It made for a more interesting interview to hear about what could come next, rather than the initial ramifications. Because the affair is taking place within such a twisted family, both sides have separated like tribes. There’s the sorority of Eva, Leanne and Toyah on one side and sisters-in-law Michelle and Maria on the other. This divide undoubtedly promises some classic Corrie catfights, especially since Toyah and Maria already hate each other and bear grudges which, according to Samia, are not going away anytime soon. We could have a Gail and Eileen level on our hands very soon!
However, Samia jokingly pointed out that Maria and Toyah may one day bury the hatchet and become friends again, given that Maria has an uncanny knack of staying friends with those she hurts.
“Me and Tracy and friends and she murdered Charlie because I had an affair with him. Best mates again. I’m friends with Fiz; I stalked Tyrone and tried to nick her off him but they’re still my best mates!”
In terms of moving on and finding someone new, Samia said that Maria really needs to stop looking for so obsessively. It also transpires that Samia is a rooting for Team David when it comes to setting Maria up with someone. What do you think? Can you see Maria and David together? That would of course be after the problem that is Maria has taken Samia’s advice and gone to church, undoubtedly to be sung at by a bunch of frustrated nuns.
A fabulously hilarious interview, at which I was giggling throughout. Catfights on Corrie are essential as the Rovers and Betty’s hotpot, and I can’t wait to see the fiery drama between the tribes unfold and explode.
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Zagg said...

I think we'd all like to bang Maria's head against the wall.

Laura said...

Maria's not "blinded by love", she's blinded by her own selfishness and stupidity.

And since when are Tracy and Maria friends? Last time Tracy referred to Maria, it was to warn Adam off her by calling Maria a bunny boiler.


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