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Saturday 24 June 2017

Corrie weekly update - Problem with a wobbly knob

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At Yasmeen’s house, she’s at her wits end with Cathy and Brian canoodling in the corner and Brian cooking in her kitchen in just his pants and socks. Zeedan’s fed up too and tells Roy that Brian wants to see him in the flat, knowing full well that Brian’s got Cathy there. Roy heads to the flat to find out why Brian needs to see him, only to find Brian on one side of the bathroom door with Cathy on the other. Brian lies that he’s got a woman in there that he met on the internet, and her name’s Gwen Hoarder. It doesn’t take long for Roy to realise it’s Cathy and after a wonderfully comic scene, Roy tells them he gives their relationship his blessing.

Nathan’s arrested and taken away after Bethany seeks help in a service station when Nathan stops there on his way driving her out of the country. The cops are called, Nathan’s nicked and that’s the end of that, right? Not quite. There’s a long way to go just yet. Back in Weatherfield, the Platt clan gather round Bethany as David agrees to Sarah’s demand that Gail’s allowed to move back in. Down at the cop shop, Bethany’s interviewed about Nathan, but she’s already been warned by Nathan’s mate, policeman Neil, to watch what she says. She doesn’t name Neil, she breaks down in tears and lies to the detective interviewing her.  Later, she gets drunk on vodka on Maxine’s bench. She says a teary thank you to Mary for her help and support and then calls to see Craig, drunkenly veering between flirting with him and plucking up the courage to tell him about Neil. But… “He’s not all that he seems,” is all she gets to say – for now, at least.

Billy’s ex-fella Drew died this week and Drew’s mum arrives. She’s a nasty piece of work is Drew’s mum , Geraldine. A homophobic, right nasty piece of work, who tells Billy that he’s not invited to Drew’s funeral and he’s not to contact Summer again.  Todd comes out fighting for what he knows is right and for Billy and Summer too. It was great to see a charged-up Todd doing something good.
Fiz’s old mate Kim returns to the Street and Tyrone’s jealous when he spies the two of them chatting. It’s too much for Tyrone to bear and he loses his temper with them both, until Kim admits that he’s gay.  Tyrone is suitably chastised after a dressing down from Fiz.

Kev’s had enough of Anna this week and ends up snogging Erica on the sofa at Dev’s.  Kev tells Anna he can’t deal with being pushed away by her all and wonders how long they can stay together.  Anna’s got more on her mind than Kev’s wandering mind when she finds out that Faye and Seb have been sleeping together. Tim’s also not best pleased and grabs Seb on the Street. “She’s only 15!” Tim tells Seb and warns him to stay away from his daughter or he’ll go to the cops. Does this stop Seb and Faye from meeting up again in the ginnel for a hug and a kiss? No, it flaming well does not.

And finally this week, Aidan’s ready to break things off with Eva but she gets a phone call from Stella in France where her fella’s dumped her in the Dordogne. Eva leaves on a plane and Maria’s straight round to see Aidan in the empty flat. When Eva returns she’ll be looking to breaking a certain thing off Aidan, when she finds out what’s been going on.

And that’s just about that for this week.

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Anonymous said...

Typical self centered Kevin,Anna uses her money from David to bail him out of bankruptcy and in return he shows a lack of patience and understanding and betrays her with a friend's missus?!Why is he still on the Street?
After reading the spoiler that Craig is threatened by Neil,if anyting happens to Craig or heaven forbid he's killed off because Bethany kept quiet[didn't we see this before with Callum?]and remains on the Street with her mother while Beth mourns the death of her son,then I don't think I could watch anymore.

Pat said...

I thought Stella had had some kind of medical emergency, would a daughter really dash of to France just because her mother had broken up with her fella? Pathetic excuse to get Eva out of the way.

Pat said...

Sorry should be 'off'

Ali said...

Come on Cathy, you could do a lot better than the self centred, toe curling Brian.

Rapunzel said...

I'm sure those more in the know will correct me if I'm wrong, but I found Geraldine to be an unconvincing caricature. Do people like her really still exist in 2017 Manchester? Or, at least, would anyone have the gall to say out loud the hateful homophobic statements that she made? Even if she had something against gay men or even just gay parents, wouldn't she try and hide her prejudice and cite some other reason for taking on Summer?

Humpty Dumpty said...

Has Drew written a will stating that Billy is Summer's guardian? Who are the executors of the will as they must inform the solicitor of Drew's death? Did Drew have a property to sell to fund Summer's future? If not, is Billy supposed to pay for everything? Summer's 12, she has her own view on where she wants to live. Social Services have to ensure that the living accommodation is suitable. The reading of the will comes after the funeral so presumably it all kicks off after that.


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