Monday, 26 June 2017

Tonight: Will returns to Coronation Street

Will returns to Coronation Street tonight. You remember Will, right?  He's Michelle's ex-fella, the one she almost slept with on her 40th birthday while Steve was in Spain recuperating after his depression, with twin brother Andy.

Well, he turns up again tonight in Coronation Street just as Michelle is discussing with Robert about buying into the Bistro with him.  Michelle agrees to a drink with Will when he waltzes back into her life tonight and he sympathises as she recounts her recent tough times with Steve.

However, on hearing about her new partner Robert, Will admits to a pang of jealousy but insists he’s pleased for her.  Will the two of them get together again, I wonder? I mean, why else bring him back if he's not there to stir things up once again? I think it could be an interesting move.

Will is played by actor Leon Ockenden. You can find out more about Will over at Corriepedia

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boris the spider said...

Oh dear, another plank of wood. Stand next to Robert and Michelle will have a pair of bookends.

C in Canada said...

I can just see it now. Michelle is torn but then goes off with Will, leaving Robert for Leanne. That is, if Leanne doesn't accept Steve's proposal!

Anonymous said...

Same old same old with Michelle1
I never liked how Michelle's fling with Will was whitewashed and forgotten as that was the reason Steve thought their marriage waa over and slept with Leanne.
So I hope Will does cause trouble for Michelle and Robert and Steve will be vindicated,

Where's Emily? said...

WHO? Oh yeah, right, Will . Yawn

Someone said wooden, no kidding! Michelle and Will, Michelle and Robert-are as exciting as watching paint dry.

Zagg said...

I'm sure Michelle will be hopping into bed with him in no time. This character is the biggest hypocrite on the show.These guys should run and run fast from her.She'll just grind them into the ground, like always and make out it's their fault.

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