Friday, 23 June 2017

Preview of tonight's double Coronation Street - Fri 23 June

KEVIN AND ERICA SHARE MORE THAN JUST THEIR WOES Anna apologises to Kevin for being a nightmare lately and vows to make it up to him. But when she finds a condom wrapper in the bin at No. 13 (Faye has initiated sex with Seb) Anna’s on the warpath. Kevin tries to speak up for Faye but Anna turns on him for his lack of support and Kevin slams out, while Tim hauls a frightened Seb into the cab office for a chat. Meanwhile Erica’s gobsmacked to learn that Dev has forgotten her birthday and planned a golf trip to Scotland. Livid, Erica orders Dev to go to Scotland, take his kids with him and leave her in peace. When a miserable Kevin and Erica cross paths, Erica invites Kevin for a drink. Over a bottle of wine, Erica moans to Kevin about Dev’s treatment of her. Kevin sympathises but when Erica leans in for a kiss will he respond?
AIDAN PREPARES TO BREAK EVA’S HEART Aidan tells Maria he’s been sent a photo of them kissing but admits he doesn’t know who took it. Maria urges him to come clean to Eva today. Aidan tries desperately to get Eva on her own in order to dump her.
ELSEWHERE Hearing that Roy’s going out for the evening, Brian and Cathy plan to spend time together in the flat. But when Zeedan encounters Roy on the street, he decides it’s time he knew the truth and sends him up to the flat to see Brian.

ANNA REELS FROM KEVIN’S BETRAYAL Reminding Seb that Faye’s only 15, a steely Tim threatens him with the police unless he finishes with her. Anna and Tim sit Faye down to talk but she’s heartbroken  when a phone call from Seb interrupts, telling her she’s dumped. Tim’s quietly satisfied. Erica instantly regrets her kiss with Kevin but he’s relaxed, insisting it was a harmless mistake. Erica feels further guilty when she returns home to find Dev, Aadi and Asha throwing her an impromptu birthday party. Meanwhile Anna’s incensed to find out Kevin’s internet research into her medication. Anna accuses him of being obsessed with sex.
HAS CRAIG GOT THE MEASURE OF NEIL? Craig starts to fear that Neil is not the man he seems and is left troubled by his thoughts.
CATHY AND BRIAN ARE CAUGHT IN THE ACT Roy returns home to find that Brian has ‘a girlfriend’ stuck in the bathroom. Roy insists on helping but when he spots Cathy’s coat on the rack, the game is up. As a sheepish Cathy emerges from the bathroom, how will Roy react?
ELSEWHERE Eva’s baffled when Aidan nags her to come back to the flat to talk. Is he about to confess all about his affair with Maria?

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Humpty Dumpty said...

Thank heaven for bins where pregnancy test kits, condom wrappers etc can be found with no trouble at all. First rule in the teenage hand-book: chuck incriminating evidence in a bin far from home.

Derelict Cucumberpatch said...

I doubt whether Craig has got the measure of Neil. Bless him, he's not the sharpest tool in the box.

Please stop this silly storyline with Brian and Cathy, I'd just like them both to start acting like adults and not overgrown schoolchildren.

Anonymous said...

Brian & Cathy, two of the most unlikable characters ever on Coronation Street. Only one word is really necessary to describe them both.... AWKWARD, but not in a fun way. Any scene either of them are in, no matter who they are with is just awful. Always feels forced and I get uncomfortable watching.

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