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Sunday 25 June 2017

Coronation Street Friday 23rd June episode review

Hiya! It’s just Jordan with this week’s Friday review. I promise not to be as grumpy as last week, as I did enjoy last night’s episodes to an extent. Where to start?

The Street’s current Romeo and Juliet – Faye and Seb – are still at it, much to Anna’s loud dismay. Faye is even playing up to the wifey role with her teenage sweetheart, packing him off to his apprenticeship with cheese sandwiches. But he later decides to spend lunchtime at Faye’s and the rebellious teens make full use of the empty house. Unfortunately though, the sackless seventeen year old discards the condom wrapper in the kitchen bin. You just wouldn’t, would you? It is found by both Tim and Anna, and the pair are horrified. Anna flies off the handle she is never on and yells something about it being illegal and that she is going to press charges and a seething Tim finds Seb, offering him an ultimatum. Split up with Faye or deal with the legal consequences of sleeping with his fifteen year old daughter. Naturally, Seb goes for the former option, on the surface. But because Corrie is full of ostensibly clever and shocking twists right now, Seb later explains to Faye that he is not splitting up with her. It was all an act, and the starcrossed lovers are to continue their relationship in absolute secret. I wonder how long that will last?

The Bethany saga continued in Friday’s episodes, taking yet another bizarre turn. Bethany’s all tearful smiles as she thanks Mary for all of her help, before hitting the bottle. Again. I must’ve blinked and missed the explanation on how this seventeen-year old obtained a bottle of spirit in the first place, because pretty soon she is hammering her way into number 5, with full drunken intent on seducing Craig. Yes, you read that right.  Can’t they have Bethany doing something other than getting drunk and/or crying? She thinks Craig is rejecting her when he won’t sleep with her, but soon asks for a hug.  Apparently, hugs can sober a person up instantly and Bethany is now thinking straight. When Craig starts talking about his mentor at the police force – who just happens to be one of Bethany’s rapists, Neil – she is on the brink of confessing all about this ridiculous plot twist to who is probably her closest friend. And for whatever reason, this confession was dragged out and postponed yet again. Craig though, ever the bright lad, picked up on this almost-confession and begins to have doubts about his superior at the police force.
Now then. Comedy on Corrie. What has happened to it? Corrie has always been known for its comedy and I fear it knows it. Now they’re pushing it and trying way too hard to be funny, as proven in Friday’s episodes. As we know, Brian and Cathy are now secretly dating, sneaking around for fear of upsetting Roy. The truth was finally revealed to Roy in Friday’s episodes, but in the style of a low-rent pantomime. Cathy got stuck in the bathroom thanks to a dodgy knob, Roy turned up at the flat and Brian bumbled around for excuses, even telling his flatmate that the woman in the bathroom was his new girlfriend,  Gwen Hoarder (okay, I liked that bit). Just as Brian is about to usher Roy out the door, Roy notices Cathy’s coat hanging up at puts two and two together. Unsurprisingly, Roy’s not bothered that Cathy and Brian are dating. Why would he be? He didn’t even want to marry Cathy in the first place, which is why the wedding went down the pan. I couldn’t help but cringe watching these scenes. Humour has to be natural, the characters likeable and the situation believable.
Elsewhere, everyone’s favourite criminally underused character Erica Holroyd is celebrating her birthday, but Dev has forgotten.  Somehow, this leads to her starting an affair with Kevin Webster after cracking open a bottle of Dev’s expensive wine. Both Erica and Kevin are feeling neglected by their partners. The pair have a fumble on the sofa, but soon agree to put it behind them and move on. Later on, after trying to deal with yet another one of Anna’s dramas, Kevin looks rather pleased to receive a text from Erica. And just after that, Anna, having recovered from the drama of her fifteen year old daughter wanting to have sex (oh the horror!), discovers that Kevin has been trying to find out if there is any correlation between anti-depressants and libido depletion. Anna is furious, even moreso when she finds out he has been discussing their sex life with another woman (by ‘another woman’, she meant an actual nurse). All the while, she is unwittingly pushing Kevin further away. Oh, and Eva gets a call from Stella for the first time in about three years. Stella has just been dumped by her boyfriend and Eva must jet off to France right away to be with her. I mean, Stella lives in New York, not France but let’s just overlook that for now. Aidan is secretly thrilled, because this gives him a few days alone with Maria.

I realise this was a bit of a flippant and somewhat dull review, but sometimes I don’t have the energy or the inspiration to be humorously critical. On a positive note, the scenes with Bethany and Craig were rather lovely to watch. I hope they refrain from doing that typical soap thing of automatically pairing two friends of the opposite sex up together as an item. Craig and Bethany should just be friends; the pair worked well in Friday’s episodes, so hats off to Lucy Fallon and Colson Smith for bringing some sentimental light into our favourite street.
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Where's Emily? said...

One of the side effects of sex trafficking...thinking you can use sex to get anything. I love the character of Craig and I do hope they'll be good friends. He might even inspire her to join the police force.

On another note I agree completely with the "comedy" we were forced to endure(Roy's expressions excepted) I have had to fast forward through the Cathy/Brian scenes. They drive me nuts

popcorn said...

Jordan, you do flippant wonderfully well!

Rapunzel said...

"Anna flies off the handle she is never on "
LOL ūü§£

Louby said...

I laughed when Sarah was declaring to Gail and David that Bethany needs her family round her - they're all in the pub and Bethany is elsewhere getting slaughtered on vodka!

Corriegated Cardboard said...

Hilarious comment about anna and the handle she is never on... made me smile ruefully.

I'm hoping that craig and bethany remain friends as well, and there is hope because craig and faye managed to remain completely unromantic as a friendship, although sadly they never interact of late.

One great thing about fridays episode which hasn't been mentioned is that Sarah was talking about getting bethany tested for STIs, which many people have been hoping will be included because it is important and realistic.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Flippant is good, Jordan, keep it up! The Roy/Brian/Cathy bathroom scene was toe-curlingly unfunny. It was a good example of actors having fun at the expense of the audience. Whenever you see the actors having a hilarious time on screen, you can bet the audience won't find it funny. Truth is everything in comedy.

Tashacat said...

I always love your reviews, Jordan, flippant or otherwise. The Sertraline obviously isn't working for Anna as she is still a miserable shrew surgically attached to that flamin laundry basket.

CK said...

I cheered for Kevin when he lost it on Anna I hope he kicks her out of HIS house.

Anonymous said...

Christine K,Before Kevin kicks Anna out,I hope he pays her back HER money that she received from David to save him from bankruptcy!
I'm on Anna'a side as Kevin seems to have forgotten the trouble Rosie caused when she got involved with John Stape otherwise he would've have been more sympathetic about her worries with Faye.
It's also not the first time that Kevin used a medical situation to justify having an affair,he cheated on Sally twice,with Natalie Horrocks while she was looking after her dying mother and again with Tyrone's wife Molly while Sally had breast cancer and has no qualms betraying another friend Dev while Anna is babysitting HIS son Jack who was conceived during his affair with Molly!
Yet Anna is the villain?

Anonymous said...

A side effect of sex-trafficking is not that you think you can get anything with sex but that you feel your only value to others is your sex. Of course Bethany tried it on with Craig, she's been conditioned to think that's the only thing men want from her/the only way to interact with them. Thank goodness Craig is a gem and hopefully friends like him can help Bethany re-develop her sense of self-worth.

Tvor said...

Actually, Sally didn't have breast cancer during Kevin's affair with Molly. Kevin was about to break up with Sally at Christmas to be with Molly when Sally told her she just found out she had cancer. Kevin broke up with Molly instead to support Sally. His affair with Molly was utterly ridiculous. Molly decided it would be fun to flirt with Kevin, Kevin was flattered and came running to Molly who was a bit bored with unexciting Tyrone.

Flo said...

The Cathy/Brian storyline just leaves me cold. It's so ridiculously written, how could anyone possibly enjoy it. Brian is just an annoying pain in the neck.

I'm another one that hopes Bethany and Craig don't end up together, at least not at the moment. She doesn't need to instantly be paired up with someone, the concentration needs to be on this storyline until it is resolved.

CK said...

I completely forgot about Anna bailing Kevin out! Thanks for the reminder. I just find Anna very hard to watch of late. I remember when she first appeared having ripped off Tina's Dad by not paying for a kitchen with Eddie. She's quite holier-than-thou now.


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