Thursday, 22 June 2017

Wedding number EIGHT for Steve McDonald?

Steve McDonald, it's fair to say, is no stranger to the wedding theme tune. 

So far, Steve has had seven weddings and five wives. 

He's been married to:

Wife No 1  and Wedding No 1 - Vicky Arden
Wife No 2 and Wedding Nos 2 and 3 - Karen - he married her twice
Wife No 3 and Wedding Nos 4 and 5 - Becky - who was too drunk to say 'I Do' first time around
Wide No 4 and Wedding No 6 - Tracy
Wife No 5 and Wedding No 7 - Michelle. 

You can read all about them all here.

And now, The Mirror reports that Steve is going to propose to Leanne Battersby. The tabloid says that Steve will get down on bended knee to ask the mother of his second child to walk down the aisle with him in what will be his SEVENTH wedding ceremony.

It will actually be his EIGHTH.

Hey, they've used capitals and so will I.

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C in Canada said...

So Steve's going to make an honest woman of her?
Well, it's not that surprising actually. Steve is always looking for the right one...and messing it up royally.

Anonymous said...

Did wedding # 4 to Michelle actually happen? I thought that they were engaged and living together and planning to wed when Michelle found out that Steve was also seeing Becky and as a result Michelle left him. I can't say for 100% but that is what I thought.

abbyk said...

As if this weren't a bad enough idea, are we to believe that Steve, Leanne, Liz, Simon, Oliver and Rover are all going to live in the cab office flat?

Tvor said...

I hope Leanne has the sense to tell him to get up off his knees and don't be daft.

christine in canad said...

well...they did say there would be a new name over the door at the pub...maybe it is Leanne's name

Zagg said...

Christine, that is a great idea. I would love to see Leanne and Steve run the pub. She'd be much better than eye rolling Michelle.And, she gets along with Liz, and Peter and Steve get along. I like it. Wouldn't that just make Michelle pea green with envy to see them all playing happy families? LOL

Humpty Dumpty said...

They shouldn't marry for the main reason that they're not in love. But this is a soap so anything could happen! Liz needs a new mate behind the bar and she and Leanne could be good together.

Anonymous said...

At this point its a gimmick wedding, like Gail's many husbands so what does it matter who it is? At least Leanne won't die at the end of the marriage.

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