Thursday, 29 June 2017

Eva's revenge plan - is she really pregnant?

Eva's revenge against Aidan will begin very soon in Coronation Street. You can find out one of the first things she does here - as ITV have released this trailer video.

But I'm wondering if Eva's revenge plan has already started.

Do you think that she's really pregnant? Or could it be that she's lying about being pregnant so that she can twist Aidan's emotions about becoming a dad?

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Rapunzel said...

I'd say no, as she'd be even more confused and messed up than she already is - making cold revenge more difficult to serve up.

I'm not sure how common false positives really are but there was the confusion about the first test she took: Leanne thought it was negative and later a blue line showed up. Eva took a second test, but it was impossible to tell from her reaction what the result of that one was. She could have given Aiden the first, faulty, test.

Pat said...

I don't think she is. If she was her future storylines would be harder to script if she has a child to consider. ( though having said that, nothing holds back Maria!)

Louby said...

I think she's lied about it. It will make her manipulation of Aiden and the situation more interesting. I can't wait to see how it unfolds. The way she found out may have been a bit contrived, but a great way to approach it, with Eva knowing, but Aiden and Maria being unaware.

Where;s Emily? said...

I am hoping that she isn't pregnant as it certainly adds a little something to her revenge plot other than cleaning out his bank account. If she is then it might explain how she ends up with a share in the factory (spoiler I read somewhere) I do hope that she makes the dynamic duo squirm!

Lee in Canada said...

I've always understood:

There are no false positives on pregnancy stick tests. If it's positive, the hormone exists and you are indeed pregnant.

There can be false negatives, where the hormone does not show up; hormone not strong enough; re-test in a few days when the pregnancy is stronger/further along.

C in Canada said...

Lee in Canada's right - I think she is pregnant, which is going to make this make this even harder for Eva.

Anonymous said...

I don't think she is. She's planning a long cold revenge fest against Aidan. She knows he won't leave if she tells him she's pregnant. The pregnancy test might be faked. I am looking forward to this .. love Eva.

Laura said...

There are false positives on pregnancy tests - you're supposed to disregard results after the first several minutes or so (can't remember how long) because they may not be accurate. I remember seeing that in the instructions for one I took a couple of years ago.

I think they've set it up so that Eva might not be pregnant.

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