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Monday 19 June 2017

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 19th June

Bethany is left holding Harry as Sarah goes out, not that Bethany minds, as she thinks that this is the last time she will see her baby brother, as she plans to run off with Evil Nathan, and the only thing standing between her and human trafficking is Mary. In an affecting scene, Mary talks about her own abuse, about how she felt that she was special when her abuser paid her attention, and she explains that what Nathan did to Bethany was rape. What the other men did to her was rape. Massive props to Patti Clare who proves she can do drama as well as comedy - I'm very glad that she is being given the opportunity to expand her range and not just be used to provide quirk in a scene. Bethany refuses to see the similarity in the situation and rushes out of the door with her bag, as Evil Nathan pulls up in his Audi. Mary tries to stop him: "She is a precious human being and not your plaything," but Nathan is not at all affected and even threatens Harry. En route, Nathan reveals that Bethany is going to Belgium (via Hull), but as he throws away her SIM card, the scales finally, finally fall from Bethany's eyes and, confused and scared, she approaches a family in the service station and asks them for help. So the end is in sight for this important but upsetting storyline.

How is Billy even a vicar? He gets so over-emotionally invested in everyone's problems. Surely to be able to help people you need to have a little distance. Also, I'm not sure why the Rev can't care for Summer in the vicarage with Todd having conjugal visits? Anyway, I'm over-emotionally invested in Todd and Billy as a couple and I want them to stay together and raise the rather precocious Summer together. Todd warms to Summer as she starts questioning Billy's faith, namely why God allows good people to die. Todd is reluctant but accepting of his new role of guardian: "Do I dislike her so much I'm prepared to see her sent to a children's home?" he asks rhetorically, but Summer, despite being a sarky madam herself, thinks Todd's being serious. But just as it looks like happy families might be in order, Drew is rushed into hospital, ultimately dying from complications due to heart failure and Summer is led away her uptight, homophobic grandmother.

Meanwhile, a lost thread of a storyline turns up: Kim, Fiz's childhood friend, arrives to looks at the cash in the backyard, much to Tyrone's jealousy. Kim turns out to be....potentially Sean's new boyfriend? I'm not sure where this storyline is going - Fiz becomes the new, paler David Dickinson?

Kev finds out that Anna's medication is affecting her libido, but Anna has other things on her mind than Kev's um, hot bod, as she discovers a) Seb is out of the small house and b) Fay(e) is still smooching him. She orders Faye home, and Faye still refuses to go. Nicola and Phelan watch over their row, whilst Erica sympathises with Kev.

And finally, Robert does an impromptu employee appraisal and visits post-stomach pump Daniel, persuading him to come back to work.

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Tilly Flop said...

Big round of applause to Patti Clare for tonight's episode. Awesome

Corriegated Cardboard said...

I'm not very happy with the way billy and todd talk about summer, constantly referring to how 'smart' Summer is, as if that is a measurement of grounds to adopt or reject a child. Besides, children can be incredibly pretentious but not truly 'smart', whatever that actually means.

abbyk said...

Todd and Billy are both educated and intelligent. IMHO, for adults like them, a child with an interest in learning and creativity is a better fit than one more limited to the here and now, like Faye. Down the road, they'll be like 2 Ken's and a Daniel, instead of Ken and Tracy. Perfect, no, but they get each other.

Robert was excessively generous with Daniel -- it seemed as if he were paying forward some past debt. Was wondering the same about Billy and Granny. Is she a homophobe, or does he have a past?

And yes, it finally happened, I actually cheered for Mary tonight. She really knocked out of the ballpark (American for played a blinder, kinda) with her attempt and failure to protect Bethany. She was empathetic, protective, creeped out, scared, remorseful, resourceful, and probably a whole lot more, all beautifully done. Wow!!

Dime said...

AbbyK, you have perfectly summed up my thoughts. I was particularly impressed by the performance of Mary tonight.

Anonymous said...

I used to not be a fan of Mary but I am loving her now!!! I'm not sure if this is the new Producers plan or not, but we finally are seeing layers with Mary. She has become an important, much needed character and I hope she stays for a very very long time. She works with Tracy (who knew I'd LOVE those scenes!)she works when comedy is needed, but she's great with those dramatic moments as well.

Whoever reinvented Mary I applaud you. She has become my favorite Corrie character and mad props go to Pattie Claire!

maggie muggins said...

I think Mary has showed a bit of this side of herself before, just not to this degree. She was often very protective, strict and loving when she was Aadi's and Asha's care-giver. Of course, tonight was a whole other level of brilliant, both by the writers for the character and Patti herself. Perfect choice of a warrior woman protector for Bethany! The fear and relief on Bethany's face as she walked towards the family was how we all felt for her. And Norris was right, you never know if your supportive words might help someone.

Good set of episodes for story development. Though I'm not so much liking the way Daniel is going. How did he start out so interesting, with a hint of a secret, into a red-eyed total mess, all in the blink of an eye? Seems too fast.

Louby said...

I'm really pleased that Bethany had the courage to seek help, rather than just have her be "saved". Can't wait for Wednesday's episode.


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