Saturday, 24 June 2017

Three Things

I've been away for the past week (villa in Croatia, lovely, thanks for asking) so on my return I obviously caught up on the week's events in Weatherfield.  A lot of dramatic things happened, and it was all very good - ok, maybe not Eva mentioning The Sainted Stella - but three things stood out for me for no reason other than they made me giggle.

The fake mechanic stuff in Kevin's garage, but in particular, GUNK.


Every single person in this shot is trying not to laugh.  (Brian is failing).

By @merseytart

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abbyk said...

Actually, Gunk is real mechanics' stuff. It's used to clean and degrease engines and other things under the hood/bonnet so you can see where the leaks are. (My dad loved restoring vintage cars and had lots of odd cans about.) I think they make a hand cleaner as well, for afterwards. The rest, however, looks like turned around cans of hair product and spray paint.

popcorn said...

My Dad always had Gunk in his garage.

Scott Willison said...

Gunk is real? I need to buy some IMMEDIATELY.

Where's Emily? said...

In Canada we also have Goop, and it's good stuff

Flo said...

We always had Gunk in our garage!

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