Saturday, 24 June 2017

5 Things We Learned in Corrie This Week

It's been another cracking week in Coronation Street this week. Time then, to look back at 5 things we learned in Coronation Street this week.

1. Socks off means business

"When a man's got his socks off, he means business," said Zadeen, sorry Zeedan, this week to his mum.  And not only did Brian have his socks off in scenes that thankfully we did not see, but he also had his socks very much on - and with garters too.

2. Seb loves cheese

"I love cheese, me," said Seb to  Faye when she brought him his cheese sandwiches.  Whether he'll be getting any more cheese, or anything else, from Faye remains to be seen with Tim watching the lad's every move.

3. Brian is a fastidious groomer

Nose hair, ear hair. None of it is a problem to Brian Packham, master of the personal grooming situation.

4. Little Jack is still alive

Out of sight, out of mind for viewers and his dad Kevin, it seems. Little Jack Webster hasn't been seen in ooh, ages. He returned to the cobbles back in 2014 with dad Kevin and apart from a brief storyline where he was rescued from an oncoming tram in Blackpool by Jenny Bradley, he's been very quiet storyline wise. But this week he was mentioned when Faye told Seb that the house was empty and Jack was at school. A nation sighed in relief that little Jack is well, happy, and still very much alive.

5. Erica's got a tulip-shaped head

I think we all know someone like Mary who comes out with such phrases, saying that Erica has got a tulip-shaped head. Thankfully I don't know anyone with a tulip-shaped head.

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Steve said...

Said Zeedan, this week to his Gran, you mean! ;)

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