Tuesday, 27 June 2017

The mystery of Phelan's black eye in Coronation Street

Pic from Radio Times
I can't have been the only Coronation Street fan left wondering why on earth Pat Phelan was sporting a black eye in Corrie this week. It seemed to come and go, too, which was odd. It looked worse when he was in Eileen's kitchen but when he was in Liverpool with Nicola it didn't seem so bad. Perhaps it was the light.

He told Eileen that the black eye was an injury he sustained at work. But then he gave Nicola a completely different tale.

Another thing that had me wondering is that Eileen made a big fuss of Phelan on Monday night going out in a tie. But he was wearing a tie on Friday night, in full view of Eileen, and she never said a word.

What on earth is going on?

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Derelict Cucumberpatch said...

Really bad continuity??

Christine K said...

I thought I had missed an episode or a scene from last week. Intriguing..

Tvor said...

I wondered if the actor had an accident and they wrote it into the show. Otherwise, if Phelan is telling two different lies to two different people, something's definitely up. I wonder if Andy has anything to do with it, as in, he's not dead and came after Phelan.

maggie muggins said...

I say we need a good ghost on Corrie! One, like the Ghost of Andy, who can get back at their murderer in strange ways.

maggie muggins said...

And I forgot about how afraid Phelan is of the supernatural, recalling when Todd was on the job with him and produced some spooky voices!

Anonymous said...

Right!! We thought the very same...that we'd missed an episode! Should we just file it under Questions That Need Answering, along with When did Allyah lose Gary's baby? And What the heck happened to Andy??

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