Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Coronation Street spoiler: Jenny dates Matthew Singh

Johnny and Jenny go through the mill next week in Coronation Street.

When the factory girls receive invitations to the wedding, Jenny’s furious and thinks it’s Johnny’s way of trying to win her back. But when Jenny confronts Johnny, she’s gutted to discover he simply forgot to cancel the wedding invitation order and it wasn’t a ploy to get back together after all.
Meanwhile, in the factory, Matthew Singh approaches Jenny and telling her how sorry he was to hear about her splitting up from Johnny and invites her on a date.

And over at the Rovers, Gemma watches Johnny nip through to the back room with Liz and puts two and two together to get five.

Gemma advises Jenny to get stuck in with Matthew Singh as Johnny’s been cheating on her with Liz. Jenny marches into the Rovers back room and confronts Johnny and Liz before storming out and back to Mathew in the Bistro. Johnny walks in, sees Jenny and Matthew together and the whole hotpot-full of misunderstanding starts all over again.

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