Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Coronation Street spoiler: Platts reel from bad news on Nathan

There’s still a long way to go with the grooming storyline in Coronation Street, it seems.

Next week we’ll see Bethany help Mary in the flower shop and she tells her how she’s dreading Nathan’s court case.

Mary assures her she’s done the right thing but then a police officer calls at No. 8 and breaks the news to Sarah that they haven’t enough evidence to press charges against Nathan. Bethany’s distraught and blames herself.

Mary and Sarah wish they could do something to help her. Desperate to help her daughter, Sarah confides in Mary that she’s going to have a word with Neil, the friendly police officer who helped Bethany in the past!

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boris the spider said...

Oh God will this ever end? Getting tedious now and really really don't like our wonderful Police force being seen as idiots or numbskulls. It is such an insult to them.

boris the spider said...

and I meant to add, "being seen as villains".

Zagg said...

Oh come on. They really are dragging this story on too long.And I agree, the way they have portrayed the police as villains and/or incompetent beyond belief is shameful.

Soumia Moujane said...

I read Nathan will get his comeuppance. What's happening now is it a change of story. Come on tell us what's going to happen and end this storyline for good.

Cobblestone said...

They're not changing it, just dragging it out until the Autumn. I've had enough now. I'm happy to watch Bethany put her life back together, but I don't want to see Nathan's hateful face again unless it's in the dock.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the comment about the police being portrayed as either the villain or incompetent,it won't help victims but make them think they can't go to the police for help.
This is getting as bad as the Callum storyline which went on for a year!
If the storyline ever ends,I hope we the viewers get a long rest from the Platts who dominate episodes with long,tedious storylines.

Where's Emily? said...

Maybe this is where Shona steps back into the limelight and offers damning testimony, thus enabling Mel (who we've not seen nor heard from) to bravely stand against Nathan as well.
Obviously Bethany is going to confide in Mary about Neil. I am liking this newfound friendship that's been forged between the two. Mary is a very diverse character able to befriend anyone.
Annoyed about the bit about the coppers too coming from a family of policemen. Certainly Craig will be instrumental in bringing down Nefarious Neil. The slimeball even said he had kids. Just goes to show that pedo's come in all shapes, sizes, and occupations. We get that. Throw the buggers in the clink and lets show how Bethany's becomes a survivor and doesn't remain a victim. Now that would raise awareness!

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