Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Weds 21 June

THE POLICE HUNT FOR BETHANY INTENSIFIES As the police hunt for Bethany, Neil does his bit to ensure the Platts are kept in the dark. Will Bethany be found before Nathan smuggles her out of the country? 
TODD AND BILLY ARE DISMAYED BY SUMMER’S DECISION Geraldine calls at No.11 and informs Billy and Todd they are not welcome at Drew’s funeral and must never contact Summer again. Billy’s devastated. 
GARY GIVES ANNA SOME TOUGH LOVE When Anna spots Faye laughing and joking with Phelan, she suggests to Gary that the time has come to tell Faye the full truth about him. Gary implores Anna to see that telling Faye will do no good. Despairing will Anna agree?
ELSEWHERE When Zeedan finds Brian in a compromising position at No.6, Yasmeen tells Brian and Cathy it’s high time they stopped hiding like children, pointing out that Roy will just have to deal with their relationship.

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Anonymous said...

How many times??? ROY DOESN'T GIVE TWO FIGS ABOUT BRIAN & CATHY'S RELATIONSHIP. And neither does anyone else.

Where's Emily? said...

Not enough times apparently. The Cathy/Brian/Roy storyline is ridiculous, it is boring, needless, and a waste of time. My two least favourite characters that I don't mind skipping over when they're on.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Agreed. Star-crossed lovers they are not.

Zagg said...

I guess they want us to believe that Neil is a one man police force. It's just so stupid. Any other time, there are multiple constables sent for a broken window pane. But...a missing kid and possible kidnapping, grooming etc...there's only Neil. Please....

Anonymous said...

I suspect the reason Gary doesn't want his mother to tell Faye about what happened between her and Phelan is not so much out of concern for his sister[who is being a brat]but for himself.
I think Gary is afraid that if Faye finds out that Anna slept with Phelan so Phelan won't have Gary arrested for assault, that Sarah will find out too and dump him in disgust!

Cobblestone said...

There would certainly have been a female officer present when Bethany was brought back to Weatherfield.

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