Sunday, 4 December 2016

Christmas pics: Toyah's return to Coronation Street

As we already know, Toyah Battersby returns to Coronation Street on Christmas Day - but what's Leanne's sister hiding?

Inside Soap magazine's double issue is out on sale right now and there's some great Christmas spoilers inside. They reveal that Toyah's arival comes as a bit of a shock to Leanne.

"Toyah has a row with her husband...(husband? husband? what happened to Spider?) and just ups and leaves," Georgie Taylor tells Inside Soap. "She visits Leanne beause she needs a support network around her."
Leanne is stunned when Toyah announces she's been having an affair. But when Toyah's hubsband later turns up on Leanne's doorstep as well, could there be some hope that the couple can save their marriage?

I am SO looking forward to Toyah's return... anyone else excited to see her again?

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Craig Laurenson said...

All the signs are pointing towards Toyah and Peter Barlow being romantically involved, hoping I get proven right over Christmas!

Humpty Dumpty said...

Toyah and Spider split up a long time ago and he's been in Peru for a while. I don't think we've heard about a husband before, though. Toyah's return could either be a disappointment (like Sarah/Dennis/others) or it could be brilliant. Georgia Taylor's a great actress so I'm looking forward to seeing her back, especially if she starts sparring with Eva. Jane D and Georgia will be a fantastic team. There's a hint that Peter and Toyah are lovers because Leanne is apparently shocked when she discovers who the love of Peter's life is.

susanr said...

That is what I was thinking as well

Anonymous said...

Why do you consider Sarah's return disappointing? Now that the partnership between her & Bethany has settled, there's a great dynamic in the mother-daughter relationship. Plus a highlight in the aftermath of Callum's death was Sarah's breakdown, with some fantastic performances from the actress.

Anonymous said...

Sarah was and always will be a selfish little mare. She cares about nobody other than herself. Including her own daughter.

Anonymous said...

I agree about Sarah being a selfish mare,even after Callum she still didn't learn her lesson and betrayed David who was also having a breakdown by telling Gary the truth about the crash because she felt Gary had a right to know,fully aware it would cause more trouble for David.
As for Toyah's return,I'm disappointed that it centers again around an affair particurely since she was betrayed by Maria who slept with her boyfriend John and was pregnant with his baby.

Anonymous said...

Ah but, if this affair is the case, Toyah isn't taking someone else's husband/boyfriend from them like Maria did to her. I'm surprised, though, as she'd know what Peter and Leanne had been through all those years. And if true, Peter's been in Portsmouth and apparently Toyah in Liverpool. I presume they'd met in the past when Peter and Leanne were married but I'll be waiting to hear how they crossed paths this time.

carla glaza said...

Does nyone else think that Peter's mystery woman is Carla, whose back for good. Didnt she take a sabbatical. Kate Oates probably talked her back into returning. But I feel like there is a suprise in store given the ambiguity of the situation and that there was a mystery woman brought on the set with a veil to cover her identity. Or it could be Stella Or Toyah . That would cause a huge stir, but again it seem very unlikely with these two

Rapunzel said...

Me too!

Anonymous said...

Well those are some angles I never considered. I was wondering who this mystery woman that Peter was meeting in the hotel rooms, my only guess was either Mary or Liz - everybody else seems to be accounted for. So obviously the above comments are much more plausible than my 2 choices. We'll just have to wait & see unless some newspaper hands us spoilers on the front page.

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