Thursday, 10 November 2016

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street, Thurs 10 Nov

Thursday 10th November 2016
EVA UNWITTINGLY PUSHES MARIA AND AIDAN CLOSER Maria and Aidan stare in horror at the bloodied scissors, wondering what to do. The police turn up with a search warrant so, thinking on his feet, Aidan shoves the scissors in his pocket and makes a rapid exit. He quickly disposes of them in the factory bin just as Tyrone approaches, asking after Maria. Later, Aidan and Maria tell a shocked Eva about the scissors. Worried for Maria’s safety, Eva insists Aidan must go and stay with her but with the chemistry between the pair growing, has Eva just pushed her boyfriend into the arms of Maria for a second time?
BETHANY’S DEALT A CRUSHING BLOW Having set the table for a romantic dinner with Gary, Bethany pops out to buy some candles. Meanwhile Sarah heads over to Nick’s flat intent on an evening of peace and quiet. Sarah lets herself in but is taken aback to see the table set for two and a meal in the oven. Gary arrives and together they assume Bethany must have set them up and has given them her blessing. But with Bethany hurrying back to the flat with her finishing touches, what will she find?
PHELAN HOLDS ALL THE ACES In the Rovers Freddie suggests a game of rummy but soon finds himself railroaded into playing poker with Phelan and Vinny. Unwilling to stand by and watch Phelan fleece Freddie, Michael pulls up a chair and joins the poker school. But when Michael wipes the floor with Phelan at poker, Phelan’s left fuming and determined to settle his score. Has Michael just made a dangerous new enemy?
ELSEWHERE Kevin calls to see Anna and telling her he loves her more than ever, promises he’ll help her every step of the way, will this be enough reassurance for Anna? Luke tries to buy Tracy a drink by way of an apology but when Robert warns him that she’s a head case, Tracy storms out. Keen to patch things up with Tracy, will Luke ramp up the passion? As Sonia moves out of the shop flat she spots Yasmeen across the street. Sonia heads over to apologise but insists that Sharif hurt her too. Incensed by her callousness Yasmeen slaps Sonia’s face. Alya leads a shaken Yasmeen home and offers to stay but is Yasmeen ready to forgive Alya for her part in this?

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John Berry said...

Wonder why Maria has not changed her locks

Linda Shockley said...

Because this is a soap opera and her changing the locks would end this storyline.

Anonymous said...

Note to props: PLEASE change the locks!

Anonymous said...

What was the point of Les Dennis returning when he is obviously leaving again for good! Obviously idiot Gail is going to lose another husband! Please.

Anonymous said...

Robert says Tracy is a head case, but chased her into taking him back a few months ago knowing full well she was just that..crackers.
Robert needs to go IMO..waste of space.

Anonymous said...

If the police had a search warrant for Maria's flat I guess they aren't very good at their job since they didn't find the hidden camera. Maybe that is where Aidan should have hid the scissors.
Too many holes in this storyline.

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