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Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Sophie Webster's exit storyline revealed from Coronation Street

Brooke Vincent, who plays Sophie Webster in Coronation Street, is now on a three-month absence from work. She's currently starring in a stage play called Be My Baby. 

Our blogger Ruth is attending the show tonight at The Lowry and will be writing a review for fans to read here on the Coronation Street Blog.

As for on-screen Sophie, her absence will be explained as she leaves for Miami.  The Radio Times reveals that Sophie gets a call from sister Rosie, who invites her there for a break.

We'll see Sophie tell Kevin that she's leaving, in the episode to be screened on Friday 14 October.

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Anonymous said...

why only 3 months - let's make it рermanent! She really has regressed badly over the last few years after showing such рromise as a teenager, making her lesbian basically destroyed her character - who decided to do that?

Derelict Cucumberpatch said...

Agree with the above comment - the character has outstayed her welcome.

Anonymous said...

I'd hadn't noticed that she'd been off screen - then you only notice an irritating itch when it's actually itching.
Her pursuit of the dull Conor woman just emphasised what an annoying character she is. I sincerely wish Brooke Vincent well in the play, perhaps it'll encourage her to break away from the stale dish she is served at Corrie.

Anonymous said...

we haven't seen her on screen for quite awhile & she really hasn't been missed so I just assumed they were not going to provide an exit storyline, but now we know we are getting another 3 months which is definitely a bonus. Did she take her clipboard with her?

Anonymous said...

I also assumed there would be no exit storyline, since she's been off-screen for so long. Definitely won't be missed in my books, I wish the actress tremendous success off the Street.

Anonymous said...

I don't think making Sophie a lesbian character is what ruined the character. They just have her stuck in a corner: she started out being a good student with a promising university future. Then all she did was end up uneducated working in a corner shop until she suddenly being wonder-businesswoman and began running the garage. It doesn't make sense. She has no stories unless they are romantic entanglements.

Lily Bigfield said...

Very true anon at 21.02, Sophie as a character had so much potential, but then was languishing in the corner shop before suddenly becoming a 'business woman' wearing daft outfits at the garage, and as you say, all her storylines are just about her romantic life. So much more could have been done with her. Even her absence will be explained as a holiday wirh Rosie - they could have sent her on a residential business course!
That said, I am looking forward to seeing Brooke on stage at my local theatre next week.

Maricha said...

That's true. I don't know why Corrie can't have at least some of the kids go to university. If it's a matter of needing them to be able to stick around all year they could have them studying online. People do that all the time now. It's totally unrealistic that only a handful of people on Coronation Street have a university degree or even one from a trade school.

coconno196 said...

Even worse - anyone who does go to university either drops out or returns with a personality transplant, always for the worse. The message seems to be "Don't try to improve yourself. Know your place and never move more than a few yards from where you were born." How often in real life do you get 4 generations living under the same roof, apparently in 2 bedrooms, and they all work on the same Street?

Anonymous said...

If I lived in the U.K. I would happily go see Brooke in the play. Having said that-her time in Corrie is up and Brooke would be wise to look for greener pastures.
Her character is so one dimensional and ridiculous. She wears designer clothes and stiletto heels working in a backstreet garage? What exactly is her job? She has absolutely no friends - except for Kate who she is obviously lusting after. What future does she have - let me guess she will hook up with Kate and they will either move in with Johnny or Kevin.
I just wish for once some young person on the street shows some ambition and gets a proper education.

Shells said...

That was me commenting at 21:02 - forgot to enter a name.

Coconno196 nailed it with the messaging being sent out - don't improve yourself. Surely, Craig could go to a university in Manchester while living at home to save expenses? and Todd - wasted working as a florist. He's a law clerk, isn't he? Sophie would be a perfect candidate to get her business degree online, to perform better at the family business.


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