Monday, 3 October 2016

Preview of tonight's double Coronation Street - Mon 3 Oct

DAVID PLANS ON SPOILING THE PARTY David agrees to go along to a grief counselling session to appease Gail but refuses to speak to the counsellor when he gets there. Determined to keep Gail quiet he tells her the session was a great help. When David notices an update on Macca’s social media page that tells him the Dog and Gun are having a party for Clayton’s birthday in his absence, an angry David storms down there determined to find Macca but before he can reach the pub he’s grabbed by a menacing figure...but who is it?
EILEEN USES HER BUSINESS BRAIN Eileen talks through the different flat options with Rita who is planning on buying one for Jenny and Sally is eaten up with jealousy. Keen to commit to her new role Eileen resigns from Street Cars, much to Steve and Tim’s horror. But when Vinny later demands to know why Eileen has spent a large sum of money from the business account on porcelain tiles, will Eileen begin to think she’s bitten off more than she can chew?
ANDY’S DREAM IS A NIGHTMARE FOR STEPH Andy shares his latest story with Steph and hopes she’ll sing his praises. But when Steph is horrified by his fictional tastes, Andy is left fuming and feels unsupported. 
ELSEWHERE Michelle tells Steve that her new wedding client is Tommy Orpington, a County football player and an overexcited Steve lets slip the news to Tim. Rita’s tempted when Freddie suggests they go along to the closing party together of their old stomping ground, the Zambezi Club. Elsewhere Leanne reassures Eva that Nick is the father of her baby, but is Eva convinced?

NICK IS SHOCKED BY DAVID’S NIHILISM David is viciously attacked by the menacing figure at the Dog and Gun and his family are horrified by the bloodied and bruised state he returns home in. When he reveals to Nick that he went to the Dog and Gun in an attempt to exact revenge on Macca, Nick is incensed and implores David to let the courts deal with Macca and Clayton. But when David later logs into a computer with only revenge on his mind, what plan is he now hoping to put into motion?
EILEEN BECOMES AN INCONVENIENCE Phelan takes a raging Vinny to the pub to try and calm him down over Eileen’s extravagant tile splurge and reminds him that they’ll have the last laugh when Eileen’s left penniless. In a bid to put the argument behind them, Eileen asks Vinny to stay for tea. But when she reveals that she’s left Streetcars so she can spend more time on the building project, Vinny is even more furious.
AUDREY’S OVERCOME WITH JEALOUSY     Audrey is eaten up with jealousy when she sees a dressed up Rita heading off to the Zambezi Club party with Freddie. But when she sees them return to the Street later, Audrey decides to mark her territory...
ELSEWHERE Leanne offers Steph the manager’s job whilst she’s on maternity leave and Steph is delighted to realise Andy was behind the idea. Elsewhere Michelle is embarrassed when she finds Steve, Tim and Tyrone fawning over her new wedding client Tommy Orpington.

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Maricha said...

Is Nick forgetting that David crashed a van they were both in out of anger over a one night stand? So imagine a murder.
Andy should ask someone who likes reading to review his writing: Ken, Yasmeen, Roy, Mary. She may be his girlfriend but I don't think Steph has ever been seen with so much as a flyer in hand, so even a favorable review from her would just have been her being nice.

Anonymous said...

Andy did ask Mary for her thoughts and comments on the part he'd written so far. She read it and she liked it

Maricha said...

That's great. The episode hasn't aired yet where I am but I hope Andy gets to try something new since the restaurant job is going nowhere

Pat said...

I think that David's mystery attacker is bully Lauren's dad.

Anonymous said...

Pat, at first I was surprised by your comment because I couldn't fathom how Lauren's dad knew what David looked like, then I remembered that it was David who cut-off Lauren's hair, so it is possible that you are spot on. It would mesh with both storylines going on right now.

Maricha said...

Ah, that would be such a great twist! I hope you're right.

coconno196 said...

How rude is David, playing with his phone whilst at the (doubtless expensive) counselling session? Surely the counsellor would have asked him to turn it off?

Anonymous said...

Not rude at all..David made it plain that he didn't want to be there and even told the guy he could get on with some admin work if he wanted.

Abercrombie said...

An experienced counsellor allows the client to express themselves exactly how they wish. After all, to force someone to comply(esp when they are not there of their own volition) would be putting the counsellor's needs and wishes above that of the client. This would be a repeat of Gail! and could be re-traumatising the client.

Anonymous said...

Excellent comment Abercrombie.

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