Thursday, 4 August 2016

Video: Colson Smith on why Craig's cop ambition bugs Beth

Colson Smith, who plays Craig Tinker in Coronation Street, was interviewed on ITV's Lorraine this morning.

Colson spoke about Craig Tinker's crime-fighting ambitions and that Craig wants to become a copper. However, Craig's career aspirations leave Beth a bit shifty and bothered.  But why and what for?

Colson says we'll find out what's upsetting Beth about Craig wanting to join the force, in the next couple of weeks.  He says there's a big secret to be revealed and there's a clip of a forthcoming episode in the video where Lisa George, who plays Beth, tries to persuade Craig not to join the police.

Colson also revealed that when he was born he was named Benjamin for one day until his parents found out that Colson means 'Son of Nicholas' and as his dad's called Nicholas, they decided to rename their new baby Colson instead.

He says he's loving his time at Corrie and interestingly called it "the best stepping stone" he could possibly have. Let's hope he does go on to do more, he's great to watch and deserves all of the best that comes his way.

You can watch Colson's video interview here.
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Anonymous said...

one of my favourite characters on Corrie street, especially right now with all the doom and gloom with the rest of the street - he always comes across as a breath of fresh air - he has grown up so quickly and become such a really nice young man. He deserves the best.

C in Canada said...

I love our Craig! I also do hope he goes on to bigger and better things...but not just yet, I love seeing him on the show!

Anonymous said...

He could be used in court for the 'artist's imрression' drawings

coconno196 said...

I love Craig too, so refreshing to have a teenage boy who isn't a tearaway. Also love his relationship with Beth. She can be really annoying, though they've toned her down over the years, but she's brought Craig up really well, and is always supportive. The "secret" must be that someone in the family has a criminal background, maybe Beth herself or Craig's father who we know nothing about.

Flo said...

This is one of those characters that they can do so much with, I hope the writers don't screw this one up too. And Faye--where has she been??? There needs to be some balance in these story lines, I'm getting tired of it being the same characters all the time. As much as I was sorry to see Carla leave, I was hoping maybe someone else would get some screen time. All of this woe is me gets to be monotonous.

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