Saturday, 20 August 2016

Current frustrations about Coronation Street

There's a lot I'm loving about Coronation Street at the moment.

But there are a few loose ends that need tying up...

Last night on Coronation Street in the Rovers Return, Maria and Kate talked about Manchester Pride. Maria reminded everyone that she had a gay ex-boyfriend in Marcus Dent.  She seems to have forgotten that she's still married to a gay man called Pablo.

Since Izzy returned from jail she's not mentioned her chronic pain once, not once. This is the chronic pain that got her into jail in the first place when she chose the medicinal cannabis route to ease her pain.

Since Carla left, Nick's rages and brain injury symptoms have disappeared completely.

And as for Emily... is she ever coming back?  The official line is, we've been told here at the Coronation Street Blog by ITV, that the actress is on "extended leave for family reasons".  As fans, we've invested decades worth of believe-ability into Emily Nugent/Bishop. Will we not get closure, a chance to say a proper goodbye?

But it's not all doom and gloom - have a look at what I'm loving about Corrie right now.

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Anonymous said...

Completely agree, I picked up on the careless Pablo ommission too - but to be fair, it's probably a storline that's best forgotten!

Sophie Bird said...

I'm so bored by Maria. What is the point of her character? She doesn't seem to add any value to the programme at all.

Anonymous said...

The Pablo nonsense seemed just to be a plot device to enable Maria to wear a silly costume and propose to Luke, who she subsequently dumped. I've a strange feeling Pablo will pop up again...

Tvor said...

I hear you, re Nick's rages. And considering all the pressure he's been feeling lately over Leanne, you'd think he'd snap once or twice seeing as it's been so recent that he was having problems. Simon's completely cured, too. and I would have expected him to have a few flashes of anger over recent events even if he doesn't wig right out like he used to. Most teenagers would.

vintgal003 said...

ummm seeing that picture of Spider, led me to think that...just *maybe* he just might come back ??? Any news on that front? If Aunt Emily is not returning, then Spider might come back to tell her Corrie friends what has happened and that HE decided to return instead.

Pat said...

Do the writers and producer take us for fools? Ridiculous story line continuity errors.