Thursday, 4 August 2016

NEW! Coronation Street: The official colouring book

New - the Coronation Street official colouring book is released on September 22nd!

It features 45 Corrie artworks of  iconic scenes from the history of the show from when Corrie started in 1960 through to 2016.

Each iconic scene is brought to life with a description and the original picture from ITV’s archives, outlining the scene’s importance in the history of the show.

I'm honoured to have been asked to work with ITV on bringing the book to life.  Working with ITV I helped choose all of the pictures for the book, writing descriptions of each of the key scenes and I also wrote the introduction.  I am very excited to officially announce this book here on the Coronation Street Blog, very excited indeed.

Available in all good bookshops very soon indeed - and to order on Amazon.

You might also like to have a look at my books website:

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abbyk said...
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abbyk said...

The book is available for preorder in Canada, with a November release date. You can order here:
Coronation Street Coloring Book

It is NOT available for preorder at Amazon USA, yet. Go here and click to be notified of availability. The more interest it has, the more likely we can get it.
Coronation Street: The Official Colouring Book

abbyk said...

I hope the pot brownie scene made it. There aren't many chances to use psychedelic colors on Corrie.

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