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Sunday 28 August 2016

First-look pics: Nick confronts Steve over Leanne's baby

Here's some preview pictures from ITV from the episode of Coronation Street to be shown on Monday 5 September 2016.

This is the dramatic moment when Nick confronts Steve after discovering he is the father of Leanne’s baby.

Leanne confesses to Nick next week that she slept with Steve and that she is carrying his baby. Whilst Nick had been prepared to bring up someone else’s child he struggle with this revelation and Leanne is devastated when he walks out on her.

Determined to get more answers Nick asks an unsuspecting Steve to go with him on a test drive for the new Bistro delivery service he is planning with Streetcars.

But once the two men are on the road it becomes evident to Steve that Nick has more on his mind than food deliveries when he asks Steve to stop the car on some waste ground and demands he gets out.

How will Nick deal with this turn of events? Will he be able to stay with Leanne and bring up Steve’s baby with the father living just around the corner? Will Nick believe that Michelle deserves to know the truth?

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Anonymous said...

This Looks good.

Anonymous said...

It'll all end in tears.

Anonymous said...

really, at this point, I wonder just how many viewers really care enough to have an opinion one way or the other???

abbyk said...

I wouldn't wish a miscarriage on anyone but I really dislike this Steve and Leanne thing. It completely strains credibility. As these are characters and not people, I wish this baby would be a mis and the trauma, which Jane Danson can handle very well, brings Nick and Leanne back together even stronger.

Anonymous said...

It all feels so unnecessary - we watch the many scenes of them getting back together, and a fortnight later, bang, split up again. There needs to be some constants because I'm starting not to care about a hell of a lot of stuff, Phelan and Eileen for example (she's become such a nasty hag she deserves to be ripped off, the inevitable conclusion). I just hope these story lines are the butt-end of Blackburn's influence - they are letting down an otherwise much better paced and ballanced show.

Humpty Dumpty said...

I agree with abbyk about Nick and Leanne becoming closer after the possible loss of the baby. I think Michelle will lose the baby, too, but this will split Steve and her up. However the storyline plays out, Steve will emerge as the villain of the piece and Leanne will be let off the hook. Except by Gail, of course.

Anonymous said...

Probably the one baby (Michelle's) will die; the other (Leanne's) won't--that's the way it usually works in soaps.Liked the idea someone put forward about having the babies swapped after (or right before)Michelle's baby dies. That means Michelle would be raising Leanne's till the secret comes out. That might actually make this pointless and far-fetched story line (with two babies conceived at almost the same time to two middle-aged women) a little more interesting--especially if Steve is the one who does the swap. Which would work for him, since Michelle would still have a baby and he could still raise his own child.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, who the father of Leanne's kid is isn't any of Nick's business. He's the one who asked her to get back with him and would support her no matter what and throws a $hitfit when he finds out the father turns out to be the stud of the neighbourhood? These aren't teenagers so why are they constantly being written as though they were? Teenage angst in middle aged characters again. Plus, is Steve was on anti depressants for years, he'd hardly have the libido to impregnate two over 40 women..limp noodle effect and all that.

Rapunzel said...

to lose one baby to a swapping misadventure is unfortunate. To lose two? Carelessness (especially on the part of the writing team!)

Anonymous said...

I think Nick is a hyporcrite going after Steve when he while married to Leeanne I may add blackmailed David into doing a DNA test on Lily due to his drunken one night stand with Kylie.
If it did turn out that he was Lily's father[as both he and his mother hoped, Thank goodness he wasn't.]he would've expected Leeanne to be a stepmother to his and his sister-in law's daughter but he cannot deal with being a father to Leeanne's baby with Steve?
Perhaps Nick should follow David's example as he's raising another man's son as his own.


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