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Sunday 14 August 2016

Corrie Weekly Awards for Aug. 1 - 5

Stylin' award: Craig in a suit!

Musical ambiance: Phelan singing It's Raining Men in the shower. Loudly and very, very badly.

Continuity Fail (1): (maybe) Tracy says Amy can't be a cop because there's a criminal record in her family. We assume she's referring to herself but I thought that was overturned due to dodgy DNA testimony? Steve does have a conviction but I wonder if Tracy even remembers that.

Continuity Fail (2): A few months ago, all of this angst over the Bistro and Leanne would have had Nick's newly recurring brain injury symptoms giving him temper tantrums. Now it's disappeared again, seemingly vanished in a puff of smoke. Perhaps that really does happen but it smacks of a handy plot point to pull out just for drama's sake.

Lego award: I thought Kevin's new garage was the one next to the Bistro but now this one has wedged itself in between the two. The Bistro must be very tiny inside, the width of the arch outside, though it looks bigger inside.

Save the Day award: Steph called in the posse, Leanne. I still love that woman! (Steph, that is! She's awesome!)

Contrived Cliche award: Aidan and Maria have really hardly exchanged a friendly word up before, yet they're unloading their angst about their partners on each other and having revenge sex. Could the writers not think of anything else?
Olive my love award: Several years on and olives are still being mis-ordered somehow! Best long running joke ever!
Lines of the week:
Tim "I was re-grouping. I was ready to lead the next attack!" Faye "You were squealing like a pig"
Beth on family convictions "D'you want them alphabetically or by year?"
Craig about his motley crew of a family "If we were on 'Who Do You Think You Are' it would be a Strangeways and Star Prison special"
Leanne "There's nothing wrong with being a good man" Nick "And look where that got me"
Steph "Ok, we're kinda losing the vibe now"
Gemma "All I need is some ancient old wrinkly to get my mitts on and give them some Gemma magic!"
Luke "I hate it when young people sing old people's music to look cool"
Sally "I'm getting very good at soundbites actually. I've been working on them" (Ha!)
Sally "Politics is a very dirty game. I run that risk everytime I step out of the house"
Audrey to Gail "Your elderly mother could go off you sharpish"
Gemma "I want a CV that's longer than my charge sheet"

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Anonymous said...

Continuity Fail (3). Does Hope never have to go to follow up appointments at the hospital? Her illness has never been mentioned since she was given the all clear

Cobblestone said...

That's not really a continuity fail. For all we know, Fizz might take her every month; it's just not been mentioned. It's only a continuity fail if something is said or done that directly contradicts what we know happened in the past. The show can't meticulously document every detail of so many characters' lives - nor would we want it to. Drama is life with the dull bits cut out. But I agree it would be nice to have an occasional reference to some of these issues that would have long-term consequences (as we get very occasional references to David's epilepsy & Max' ADS meds - and recently to Tracy's one kidney).

Anonymous said...

Star prison, as mentioned by Craig, is in fact Styal woman's prison, near Manchester airport, thus implying both men and woman in his family has been in prison

Anonymous said...

Apologies for getting it so severely wrong. I just thought it would be more relevant if it was mentioned once or twice, ie, Fizz saying she can't do something as she's got a hospital appointment with Hope, especially as it's about a year since her illness was diagnosed. Naughty step for me

Anonymous said...

I commented a couple of weeks ago that I wanted to fall back in love with Corrie and after the past couple of weeks' episodes, I think I'm getting there :)
Gemma's scenes this week made me laugh out loud, really enjoying her, she had the best lines this week, and I care about the character.
Phelan had the best delivery of a line though with "he's a florist", said with such contempt!
I so want Nick and Leanne to get together - I've warmed to Nick this week, thanks to Ben Price's vulnerable and appealing performance, love his crinkly eyed smile!
Maria and Aidan make an attractive couple, much more chemistry between them than with their current partners, as others have commented. I knew Shayne Ward from X Factor and I think he's a good actor, doesn't seem forced.
Craig and Kirk - had good amounts of screen time this week, the more the better as they are heartwarming!
Jenny and Johnny are another couple with chemistry, their facial expressions always make me laugh, I mean that in a nice way :D
Really enjoying and looking forward to each episode at the moment, to quote Nick, "onwards and upwards".

coconno196 said...

I don’t know how Johnny and Jenny think they can keep their relationship a secret when they're always having cosy chats in the factory in front of everyone else!

PoidaPete said...

The area Nick was going to open the new bistro was where Terry Duckworth was going to open Se7enth Hea7en, his lap dancing club. It was a decent size inside as I remember. The area Kevin expanded Websters' Auto Centre was next-door to that.

Anonymous said...

Here we go again award,Gary in an attempt to hide his relationship with Alya was friendly with Izzy thus giving her false hope they were reconciling and now he's doing it again shortly after she's released from prison even though they kissed when she was sentenced and he led her to believe he wanted to reconcile.
I suspect Gary seemed to have changed his mind after speaking with Sarah who was looking for her daughter and I wonder how soon before Sarah and Gary start 'bumping into each other' as he did with Alya and become a couple?

Anonymous said...

Cathy in the forest
To change the subject...I love the two characters that appear occasionally before commercials. I don't know if they have names or not..thetake me laugh

One character running to the bus..his buddy saying run____(name) rum
Another one .
One guy is in the shower (wearing a shower cap)..his buddy opens the shower curtain holding up a phone saying's for you
Miss Corrie street here in Canada cause of the Olympics.


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