Wednesday, 24 August 2016

The spirit of Ida Clough returns to Coronation Street next week

There's a good interview with Sally Dynevor, who plays Sally Metcalfe in Coronation Street, in this week's Inside Soap magazine.

Sally talks about getting involved with Pat Phelan as he forges ahead with his dodgy building plans.  She says  Sally enjoys the fact that Phelan talks to her like a councillor and takes her very seriously, but could it all come crashing down on her head when she gets behind his scam?

Well, the council knocks back Phelan's plans, the mag reveals, but Sally goes ahead supporting Phelan. She ends up wrapped around his little finger.  Tim, of course, sees right through Pat Phelan and doesn't believe a word he says.

And as for Ida Clough - the factory firebrand who led everyone out on strike at the drop of a silk gusset?  Her spirit lives on next week when Sally leads the factory girls out on strike too.

Ida Clough
The walk out begins when Sally accuses Jenny of spying on them all and reporting them to Johnny. The girls all leave work and head to the pub where Sally is hailed as the hero of the hour.

Could be fun to watch!

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Humpty Dumpty said...

Is Eileen going to hand over cash before any of Phelan's plans are approved by the council? I don't accept that Sally would be that gullible either even though the writers portray her as a new councillor desperate to make her mark. She's had her own business and worked with Kevin in the garage. She used to be nobody's fool. The old Sally would get the council's legal team to do some probing on her behalf. Oth, I like the idea of Sally causing problems in the factory.

C in Canada said...

Oooh! Jenny get rumbled! LOL.

Man oh man am I getting sick of creepy Phelan. I have no idea what Eileen sees in him at all, other than he's male. He can go anytime now please.

pat said...

I am getting fed up of Sally, her character isn't believable anymore.

Anonymous said...

I'm also getting tired of Sally and the girls walking out for the umpteenth time.
Maybe Phelan frames Sally for his fraudulent schemes and she has to resign her council seat.

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