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Thursday 25 August 2016

Coronation Street Weds 24th August episode review

"Sliding tackle? Is that some kind of medical condition?"


It's the ever-punctual Jordan with this week's Wednesday review.

Nick and Leanne seem to be happily reunited, following their schmaltzy reconciliation aboard the Liverpool bus in Monday's episode. You may remember that this is not the first time Leanne has been lured back to the Street by a man while trying to leave. The sugar-drenched lines delivered in Monday's episode reminded me of her train station drama with Peter only a few years ago. Only a week or two ago, she'd decided she hated Nick when he opened a Bistro next door to the existing one in a petty attempt to annoy Robert. Can't she make up her mind? That's the slippiness of soap for you, I guess. Anyway, Nick is gradually coming round to a relationship with Leanne despite her pregnancy. She identifies the father as a "one night stand" and he accompanies her to her scan. At first, he waits outside the room but soon changes his mind and enters the room just to see Leanne turn on the taps as Steve McDonald's baby appears on the sonogram. The episode closed with Nick confirming his intentions to stick around as Leanne demanded a kiss, sealing themselves as a couple once more for what I believe is the fourth time now. 

"I love you and I wanna be with you. Both of you. And I know it's not gonna be easy-"
"Nick. Just shut up and kiss me"

Oh, and who should be at the hospital the exact same time as Leanne and Nick spotting them leave the antenatal clinic? A certain lovely lady with an equally as lovely kidney. Yep - Tracy Barlow (one of the most fabulous characters to ever grace the cobbles) spotted them and pulled a brilliant face of shock and confusion which almost stole the episode.

Bethany's been stressing about her exam results lately. She's under no illusion and knows full well that she has done badly. Obsessing over the gym recently and having taken a few diet pills from a bottle over the course of the episode, it is pretty easy to see where this is going. Over at her new home - the gym - Craig apologises to her again for posting the apparently unflattering photo of her online the other day Bethany accepts his apology and seems to have forgotten about it. She strides over to the nearest treadmill and puts it on a ridiculously high speed.  She pushes herself too far and soon finds herself on the floor, having collapsed right off the treadmill. Gary rushes to her aid armed with questions and concern. When she is outside the gym, Gary reappears, having found the bottle of diet pills she seems to have dropped. He warns her of the dangers profusely, but being a typical Platt, Bethany ignores pretty much everything he says. 

"At least I know now why you passed out. How long you been taking them for?"
"Not long. Anyway, they're only diet pills"

Elsewhere, since we can't go a single episode without being treated to at least a glimpse of the current silly storyline -  here we go.  As we know from recent episodes, it has recently been revealed to us loyal viewers that Sharif has been having an affair for the past seven years with family friend Sonia. Yes, of course he has - in the minds of the writers who dreamed this storyline up five minutes ago. Anyway, now Sonia has come to stay with the Nazirs since her own husband threw her out and this has put strain upon herself, Sharif and the loyal viewers. In last night's episode, the pair of them decide to be "just friends" while she is living there. Sonia seems to be pretty confident - almost cocky - that this will work. While she is living on Coronation Street, I am almost certain that this "arrangement" will not work.

"So that's it then? Just friends for now, nothing more?"
"Just friends"

But to end on a positive note - I enjoyed last night's episode way more than last Wednesday's. Bethany is a bit of an underrated character and I am really looking forward to seeing where this storyline takes her. Lucy Fallon is a brilliant actress and I have liked Bethany ever since she returned. I am a little disappointed to see Leanne run back to Nick. I was hoping she'd end up with Robert but it could be a case of better the devil you know with her. Oh - and even though Tracy only had a small role in last night's episode, she, as always, played a blinder!
A good episode which moved a few things forward and made Friday's episodes more intriguing.

As always, thanks for reading!


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Anonymous said...

Nice one, Jordan - thank you. I'm wondering if we're going to see Bethany falling for Gary as he and Sarah fall for each other.

Anonymous said...

Another excellent review, Jordan. I think that Sharif having a 7-year affair is about as likely as Roy having one. Who on earth dreamed up this one! It is a stretch of credulity too far.

Anonymous said...

Well, they have to do something with the Nazir's other than him chasing chickens and what not. Why not an affair? Like that's never been done on the street thousands of times before. It must be in the job description...'must write at least one affair per character in any given year, no matter how ludicrous'.

Anonymous said...

Must say, I'm not really liking Sonia on first impressions.

Tvor said...

It's certainly going to make Sharif more interesting. There are plenty of men that love their wives but keep mistresses and feel fully justified to it. Doesn't make it right but it happens and we've seen how Yasmeen is quite forceful and definitely dominates that marriage. He'll likely use that as his excuse.

You'd think that the baby gurning at the scan technician on the screen might have given the game away. ;))))

Anonymous said...

I agree with the comments about Sharif's affair,didn't we go through with Dev when he was married to Sunita?
I would've preferred a normal low key anniversary celebration.
I have not missed Tracy and thought her being at the hospital, the same day that Leeanne was there quite contrived.
So I guess with nothing better to do,Tracy will cause trouble for Leeanne now?

Humpty Dumpty said...

Don't know why the publicity machine keeps saying Tracy will be a redeemed character following life changing events: the death of her mother, falling out with Amy, being abandoned on her 'almost death bed'. They've no intention of redeeming her because they don't know what else to do with the character.

Flo said...

I don't quite get the point of the whole Tracy thing to begin with. Yes, she and Leanne don't get along, but just because Leanne is pregnant doesn't mean anything to Tracy. It's not like she knows some deep dark secret about the baby being Steve's. For all she knows at this point it's Nick's. Like that would be any big surprise.

Does anyone else think perhaps that this is going to end up with Michelle suffering a miscarriage, with Steve getting some hairbrained idea that Leanne will let him be involved with the baby or even let he and Michelle raise it? Or a story line like they did on EastEnders (I think that's where it was) with a baby dying and it being swapped?

Anonymous said...

In my opinion the only way to redeem Tracy would be if she went away and came back played by another actress. It would not be first time. I think the problem is the actress has a very narrow range is not able to give nuanced performances in the same way as other actress.

Rapunzel said...

I love Tracey. Don't ask me why. I think Kate Ford plays her very consistently.

Anonymous said...

I agree Rapunzel. Love her. Love to hate her.


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