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Friday 12 August 2016

Preview of tonight's double Coronation Street - Fri 12 August

Friday 12th August
MARIA’S GOOD INTENTIONS BACKFIRE ON KATE When Caz confides in Luke that it would have been Kate’s mum’s birthday today, Luke suggests she sends Kate some flowers. Caz agrees it’s a great idea but she’s skint. Luke agrees to order the flowers and Caz is grateful as she instructs him to order roses but no carnations as she loathed them. Luke calls in the flower shop but mistakenly orders carnations for Kate with the message “I know what these meant to your mum. Caz”. Deeply upset, Kate shows Sophie the carnations and explains how her mum always thought they were bad luck and Caz knows that. Kate confronts Caz accusing her of intentionally hurting her. Caz is horrified to realise Luke sent carnations by mistake. Maria rails at Luke calling him useless. Luke storms out.
JEALOUSY GNAWS AWAY AT NICK Leanne starts work back at the bistro and Robert’s clearly pleased to see her. When Nick clocks Robert and Leanne enjoying a laugh, his jealousy is evident. Nick quizzes Steph, convinced Leanne is involved with Robert. Steph refuses to be drawn leaving Nick more suspicious than ever.
IZZY GETS HER HOPES UP Izzy arrives home from prison and is touched to discover Gary’s organised a welcome party. When Faye announces that Izzy and Gary are back together, everyone’s thrilled for them whilst Gary masks his guilt.
ELSEWHERE Gemma calls in the corner shop and tells Dev that she’s signed up for the Good Neighbour Scheme and has decided to focus her good works on Rita. Gemma calls in the Kabin and offers to do Rita’s shopping for her. A bemused Rita insists that won’t be necessary. Aidan calls at Eva’s flat and apologising for the misunderstanding, assures her that he hasn’t ruled out living together but he’s just not quite ready yet. Will Eva accept this?

Friday 12th August
MARIA FINDS SOLACE IN AN UNEXPECTED PLACE Having followed Luke outside, Maria continues to tear a strip off him. Luke storms off into the night. Telling Caz she’s creeping her out, Kate orders her to stay away in future. Caz shows Maria some concert tickets she bought for Kate and suggests that rather than waste them, they could go together but after her spat with Luke, Maria insists she’d prefer an evening in by herself. Aidan calls at Maria’s flat and they share a moan about Luke and Eva. Aidan explains how he visited his mum’s grave today but was constantly bombarded by texts from Eva. Maria’s sympathetic. When Eva hears that Aidan was visiting his Mum’s grave, she’s mortified, realising that’s why he was ignoring her texts. Getting stuck into the wine, Maria and Aidan reminisce about childhood memories and soon they’re kissing passionately. Luke and Eva clearly forgotten. As Aidan and Maria pull their clothes back on, Caz returns to the flat. Will they be caught in the act?
LEANNE’S CAUGHT BETWEEN A ROCK AND A HARD PLACE In the bistro, Leanne helps Robert set up for the speed dating night. They clearly enjoy each other’s company and Nick and Steph clock their closeness. Pleased with the successful night they’ve had, Robert suggests a celebratory drink
but making a waspish remark about business and pleasure, Nick leaves them to it. As Nick and Leanne head home, Nick accuses Leanne of falling for Robert. Leanne assures him that’s not the case. Nick begs Leanne to reconsider and give their relationship another go, will Leanne relent?
REALITY DAWNS FOR IZZY With her party in full swing, Izzy tells Beth how miserable she was in prison, how much she missed Jake and how good it is to be home. Having seen the last of their guests out, Izzy leads Gary to the bedroom telling him she needs to feel his arms around her. Gary reluctantly follows.
ELSEWHERE After helping Rita unload her shopping, Gemma steers her into the Rovers and
orders her a drink. Rita wonders what Gemma’s after. Gemma explains she’s sick of being a no mark and that’s why she’s joined the Good Neighbour Scheme. Impressed, Rita buys her a drink. Audrey and Freddie lure Gail and Michael to the Rovers hoping to reignite their relationship but their plan backfires when Phelan upsets Michael and Gail assumes it means he still holds a torch for Eileen.

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Anonymous said...

sounds like a lot of contrived situations that we know where they will lead and where they will end. Sadly, done all to often these days.

Zagg said...

Maria and Aiden? Seriously? Is this the new trend? One night stands with a least likely couple? People who barely talk to each other are now getting drunk and having sex for high drama? Who's next? Norris and Caz? Liz and Craig? This kind of lazy writing just makes me sad for this show.

coconno196 said...

Totally agree. You'd think they'd have learned after all the viewer complaints about the Steve and Leanne accidental bonking! Can't believe this happens much in real life, or maybe I should start watching Jeremy Kyle?

Ryan B Oxley said...

Are they all insatiable on the Street?. I agree, far too many uncharacteristically contrived and barely believable storylines these days, too many characters to engage with. I love our Gemma though. A breath of fresh air in true corrie sense.

Cobblestone said...

Oh dear, dear, dear ... I hate to be negative about Corrie (but I feel I have to say this now - I might repost after the review goes up, which is where my comments really belong, but I'm currently too incandescent to wait for that!). Jonathan Harvey can be quite brilliant or he can be completely off-kilter. Tonight's first episode was unquestionably the latter. This is Corrie, Jonathan: not 'Gimme, Gimme, Gimme', Gemma is not bloody Kathy Burke. It was DREADFUL! Pantomimic hogwash! The scenes with Gemma, Dev & (no blame to Barbara) Rita were excruciatingly crap! I do think Gemma has huge comic potential; I do like the character, handled right: but the actress is young, lacking in experience and needs STRONG direction (please note, Durno Johnson!) This current storyline could be good if we were shown an ounce of pathos, which is all that can possibly endear this character to the viewing public. Instead we were confronted by scenes I can only compare to a medieval jester repeatedly hitting me in the face with an inflated pig's bladder on a stick! Excruciating!
Meanwhile we had an utterly implausible farrago involving an unfortunate mistake over a bunch of flowers (why the hell didn't Luke forcibly intervene with an explanation that the error had been his - sorry, but he meant well but misheard instructions ?) And the whole of Weatherfield seems expected to know that today is the anniversary of the death of the First Mrs Johnny Connor ... eh? Don't get me wrong: the anniversary of the death of a mother is a serious & poignant thing; but does anyone get the impression that there's something a bit unhealthy about this annual maelstrom of grief and renewed mourning from the Lesser Connor Siblings? Kate, as she's told us many times, doesn't even remember her mum with any clarity. Okay, maybe Johnny's betrayal of the poor woman with Carla's mum would perhaps be fresh in the memory, but really ...? And why, play tell, did Aidan of the too-tight shirts, suddenly take it into his head to visit his cousin's widow, just because of a flare up with her B/F whom she treats like less than the dogs she used to care for (and is anyone thinking Caz may be responsible for the imminent death of a pooch?) Jan McVerry's second episode brought the whole mess back to almost credible levels, thank goodness. But yet again, the whole exasperating TELL THE BLOODY TRUTH bilge, with Leanne & Nick! Why did Michael cry out "This is a set-up!" when he found Gail in the Rovers? She's in there every other night! And shouldn't he be quite glad to find here there, as he's supposed to be really keen on reconciliation? But no - off we go again on the ridiculous Eileen merry-go-round (and who hasn't ridden that carousel?) And don't get me started on how my heart sinks when the Windasses & Izzy wheel into view. I actually started doing what I have a rule against, and began checking my phone for emails. Bad, bad, bad! I feel ashamed to be a lifelong Corrie fan.
Please, Ms Oates: sort it out!!!

Lily Bigfield said...

Oh, Cobblestone! I am watching on catchup now, and I echo your comments. It is tortuous. Can't bear the Nick stupidity and his terrible acting. Why on earth has Aidan turned up at Maria's? There's been no attraction between them before. And I agree about the anniversary of the Connor mother's birthday, what a contrived plot device. Why on earth would Eva know? Why this overreaction from the Connor kids (and where was Johnny?). I know from personal experience about facing the anniversary of special dates of loved ones we have lost, and this was just silly. There was a comment from Tracy about her mother's birthday anniversary, and her telling Aidan it would get better with time, or something similar. What? Tracy's loss is much more recent, and Deirdre is someone we all knew and cared about.
And here I am, writing comments whilst watching....yes, it needs sorting, as I love my Corrie and want it back!

coconno196 said...

Well said Cobblestone, my thoughts exactly. And who were Maria and Aidan reminiscing about? They didn't grow up together and only met when these latest Connors came to the Street.
Also singularly unimpressed with Tracy's £25 flowers. You can get better for a tenner in any supermarket, or even at Dev's.

coconno196 said...

Yes Lily, Tracy's sympathy was totally out of character and inappropriate. Those comments should have been made by someone who'd been bereaved much longer ago. Plenty of candidates - Rita, Audrey, Gail, Kevin, Ken (first wife Val, daughter Susan), even Sarah (baby Billy).


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