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Coronation Street Weds 3rd August episode review

"It's all happening, Ken. Quelle surprise"

Yes, yes it is, Audrey.

Hello! It's just Jordan with this week's Wednesday review.

It's time for a funeral in Weatherfield, which is - for reasons other than the obvious - never a good thing. Last night's episode picked up right where Monday's left off. It's always interesting when this happens. I think it makes the storyline clearer and the events more concise. Unfortunately, the funeral was for that of our beloved Kylie NotMinogue. Monday's episode saw the residents of the Street giving her a totally Bootylicious send off. The vacant expression on Billy's face as the Destiny's Child classic blared out in the church made the death of this wonderful character almost worth it.

While the residents gather at the Rovers for the wake, David has been unsuccessfully trying to reason with Todd. Shortly beforehand, Sarah had blurted out the true identity of Callum's killer to him. At first, he wrongly thought that Sarah herself was responsible for Callum's death and that the now-dead Tony had been wrongly accused. He was of course, only half-right. It was the now-dead Kylie who was responsible for Callum's death. My God, the death toll on Coronation Street recently is akin to Les Miserables! Anyway, Sarah tracks Todd down and jumps into his van, begging him not to go to the police. He stubbornly refuses and offers to take Sarah with him to the police station. When they park up, she eventually confides in Todd all the complicated details of Callum's murder. It takes a little while but since Tina O'Brien is the best crier in all of Soapdom, Sarah eventually persuades Todd to relent. When he drops her off at home, she gets out and thanks him. She sweetly names him her best friend and tells him how deserving he is of Billy and then half-jokingly tells him not to mess it up.  Naturally, David is relieved to hear that Sarah has water-worked her magic on Todd, but is somewhat sceptical. Late at night, in drawing the episode to a close, he visits his wife's grave and through sobs tells her that he doesn't know how long he can keep it together.

"Kylie saved my life.
She doesn't deserve to be punished for it"
 Eileen's had a day of it. Pouring a large glass of white wine, she tells Todd that she "has had it up to here".  Half of her worries, I must say, she has brought upon herself. She has no business whatsoever getting involved in the private lives of her son and her lodger and has, as usual, sided with her trampy lodger. Sean now knows that his ex-boyfriend Billy is now in a relationship with Todd. Because they can be. They're both consenting adults and it has precious little to do with the whinging knicker-stitcher. He should not be dragging poor Eileen into things, especially when she thinks she has bigger things to worry about. Eileen received a phone call from Thailand telling her that Jason had been in a fall. What is it with Weatherfieldians and falls when they're out of the country?  This is the reason Todd had originally been so adamant to go to the police about Kylie. Jason is supposedly lying 'half-dead' in Thailand, a place he would not have escaped to had his dad not been accused of Callum's murder. Later on, when Eileen is having a make-up chat with Phelan after having a fall-out, she gets a phone call from Jason himself, who is far from half-dead. He's not even quarter-dead. He has a couple of broken ribs and a bruised jaw. Eileen is elated to have heard from her son and says she is still flying out to visit him soon. However, there's only one logical explanation for her next move. Eileen is so overcome with relief that her son is still alive that she reconciles with Phelan. Still, it was nice to see Eileen looking content on the sofa with Pat. I've a Phelan she's made the wrong decision, though.
"Next time, don't wait until you nearly
die before you call your mother!"

Elsewhere, over at the Bistro, poor Steph is being worked to death. The place is understaffed so she has been working for hours without a break and is struggling to cope with the wrath of Robert, who is proving to be pretty useless at anything other than cooking. When someone leaves without paying, he tells Steph that the money lost will be deducted from her wages and has been struggling to add things up properly. He points out that he is a creative and does not need to add up, a motto which I live my life by. He begrudgingly cooks Kylie's favourite meal for Max, an item no longer on the menu but begins to calm down a little when Steph stands up to him. By the end of the episode, he gives an overworked Steph an early finish and promises to hire more staff immediately. I'm pretty sure that this storyline is leading to Leanne's eventual re-employment at the Bistro and then she will be involved in some sort of love triangle with Nick and Robert, all while pregnant with Steve's baby. Well, she's no stranger to men.

"This place is a complete and utter shambles. The rota isn't worth the paper
it's printed on and we don't have a manager!"

A very good episode. I enjoyed it a lot. Kylie's send off has been pretty perfect. Or as perfect as anything can be in Soapland. Everything fit. The scenes at her wake were almost a celebration - plenty of bright colours, fun music and drink, exactly how she would've wanted.  There are little things that are annoying me lately though, like Eileen's utter daftness and Sean's selfish reaction to Billy and Todd. But hey ho! Until next week!

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Anonymous said...

Ahem ! I happen to think that Jane Danson is the best crier in soapdom ! Albeit closely followed by Tina o'Brien . Well done to all the cast for superb episodes that have the magic of making us laugh AND cry . Jack Shepherd has been totally amazing !

Anonymous said...

Agree with comment about Jack Shepherd. If he doesn't win awards in the next round of Soap prizes, there is something wrong.
I agree with Jordan that Tina O'Brien is the best crier - but Jane Danson is the best determined stomper.

Anonymous said...

I also think thst Jane Danson is the best crier as when Leeanne cries it's because she's truly upset whereas when Sarah turns on the waterworks it's to manipulate someone to get her way.
For what it's wroth,it's about time Sean leaves the Grimshaws.Twice before both Jason and Todd were kicked out of their house in favour of their mothers' love life while Sean the lodger always remained.Now it's his turn.

Zagg said...

Wow....trampy lodger? Whinging knicker stitcher? That's pretty harsh. Sean is not the bad guy in this. Billy has acted like a horn dog certainly not befitting a vicar. And Todd is Todd, still selfish as the day is long. Sean has every right to pitch a fit. He has been treated very badly by two supposed friends. Trampy? That would be Billy and or Todd.

Jordan Lloyd Beck said...

Billy and Todd are both adults. Sean is supposed to be one too. Okay - he's annoyed that Billy has moved on so quickly but really it is none of his business.

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