Sunday, 21 August 2016

Corrie Weekly Awards for August 15 - 19

Glamour Girl: Gemma is in head to toe gold, including the shoes and short shorts!

Musical ambiance: The Doobie Brothers' song Long Train Running (lyrics: Without Love, Where would you be now?) in the garage while Aidan was trying to persuade Luke to work things out with Maria.

Presumptious award: Steph suggested Eva and Aidan join Maria and Luke because the Bistro was full up. You know. Because they're all bessie mates. Or something. Jeez.

Dropped storyline: By the way, is Maria still legally married to that Pablo? She must be.

Passive Aggressive award: Nick. And he's taking great pleasure in loading the guilt on Leanne, and then watching her get jealous when he flirts with the hens.

New do: Liz went all curly. Not sure it suits her.

The look that says: "I don't believe you for a minute" or "What have you done now, you plonker" (I love Liz!)

Risqué Business award: Sharif is taking long lunches and meeting someone down by the canal and we all remember what kind of shenanigans married men can get into down at that canal, don't we?

Get Over Yourself award: Did Maria harbour a secret crush on Aidan or something? It wasn't obvious if that's the case. She's acting like he used her with that one night stand. I'd say she used him just as much. She needs to drop the attitude.

Lines of the week:
Audrey about Gemma "Bless her, she's like Mother Theresa with chewing gum and a fake tan."
Sally "The last thing any man wants to do is get tangled up with Maria Connor."
Norris "And remember, I don't do gossip."
Robert "I am trying to educate the palates of Weatherfield."
Simon with sarcasm "Oooh. I may need to go to A&E, my sides are splitting."
Michelle "Tell him my window of fertility won't be open very long" Tim, leering, "Hey, I could lend him my shammy" (Yes, I know it's chamois)

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abbyk said...

Gold Medal Defence by an Extra - to Nicola Adams, 2 time Olympic Gold Medalist in boxing and former Corrie background artist.

Anonymous said...

Remembering how she kissed her ex husband Kevin just before she was about to marry Tim,I thought Sally was a bit hyporcritical judging Maria especially since she was also jealous of Kevin being with Jenny and then Anna while married to Tim even though he cheated on her with Tyrone's wife Molly and father her son.

Cobblestone said...

I assumed she was referencing Maria's instability re. her obsession with Tyrone after Marcus lest her.

Anonymous said...

Thought Tim's leering at Michelle was a bit gross.

Anonymous said...

In fairness to Tim, Michelle did push her boobs in his face somewhat! I'll always defend Tim cos I've a right crush on him :D

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