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Tuesday 9 August 2016

Coronation Street Blog interview with Shayne Ward

Photo of Shayne Ward from ITV Coronation Street on twitter @itvcorrie
It was a warm day in Weatherfield when blogger Emma and I visited the Coronation Street set for a special press event. We were there at the invitation of ITV to meet new Coronation Street producer Kate Oates and hear what she had to tell us about upcoming summer and autumn storylines. 

One of those storylines will be Aidan cheating on Eva and having a one night stand with Maria! I know! 

We caught up with Shayne Ward, who plays Aidan Connor, inside the set of the Rovers Return.  Sitting in the Rovers underneath the picture of Betty on the wall, Shayne looked tanned, happy and relaxed. He came across as a really nice guy, confident, funny and clearly loving his work on the show.  And here’s what he had to say about what’s coming up for his character, Aidan.

The first question had to be, of course, about how Aidan ends up sleeping with Maria.
“It’s one of those things – they have two bottles of wine on a school night,” he laughed. “He does feel awkward about it afterwards and thinks it definitely shouldn't have happened.”

But why does he cheat on Eva?
“Eva’s great, she’s beautiful, but there are times when she gets a bit too much for Aidan. And it’s coming up to the anniversary of Aidan’s mum’s passing and Eva is none the wiser about it, it makes Aidan angry. Eva’s more bothered about them getting a place together.”

Asked if he thinks people might turn against Aidan when he cheats on Eva, Shayne said:  “In a way, I want someone to heckle me as then I’ll know I’m doing a good job with the storyline! Aidan doesn’t like confrontation and arguments and he doesn’t know how to handle situations like that so he’s a little bit mean to Maria afterwards.  But I’m looking forward to seeing how the public respond to it.”

Does he genuinely love Eva?
“I think he does, he just doesn’t say it. Aidan is exactly like his dad, hot tempered, and they don’t really show a lot of emotion unless it’s a bit of anger. They’re both quick to fly off the handle.”

Any favourite scenes working with Cath Tyldesley?
“All scenes are my favourite scenes!” he said. “It’s always a brilliant scene with her because that laugh that you hear…” Shayne then asked the press officer if Cath (Eva Price) was coming in to be interviewed after him and when it was confirmed that she was, Shayne told the journalists: “Just make her laugh, it’s genuine, and it just makes your day!”  

He also said that if he could award the Ray of Sunshine Award to Cath he would – and also to Daniel Brocklebank (Billy the vicar). “They make you feel so buzzing about the day. Any scenes with Cath are funny because of some of the things she says."

Who does he think Aidan should be with – Eva or Maria?
“Eva! He fancied Eva from the get-go and the only thing between them is that Aidan employed her, he’s her boss.  What happened with Maria was a mistake.”

Does Maria threaten to tell Eva?
“Maria splits up with Luke and the worry is that Aidan thinks she’s done that for him. Aidan starts getting panicky, thinking ‘Oh, hang on a minute. I think she thinks there’s something more in this than there actually was - when it was just two bottles of wine, a very comfy couch and the rest of it is history!’  But for Maria, she definitely saw something more and everything starts becoming awkward between Maria and Aidan.”

Shayne told us that there's set to be a very awkward double-date in the Bistro when Aidan and Eva bump into Maria and Luke one night.  With both couples arriving at the same time and only one free table, the four of them sit down together.  Obviously, Eva doesn’t know what’s gone on between Aidan and Maria and he would rather the news didn’t reach Eva’s ears. But Maria might have other ideas!

How does Caz become involved in this storyline?
“Caz is staying at Maria’s flat and after we did what we did, Caz then walks in and sees Aidan inside Maria’s flat.  So at the Bistro dinner it gets tricky when Caz comes into the Bistro and asks Maria if she’s seen Liam’s little red lorry he’s looking for. When Maria says she hasn’t seen it, Caz asks Aidan: “Did you see it?”

Eva’s nonplussed as Aidan had lied and said he was staying at a mate’s house on the night he was at Maria’s flat.  Maria covers for Aidan, saying she was helping him look for a flat for him and Eva.  But Eva’s not stupid, she gets an inkling that something’s going on.”

What will Aidan do if Eva finds out what’s going on?
“I’ve watched all these years of Eva’s character and as bubbly as she is, she’s also a bunny boiler! There’ll be something going on but whether it’ll be aimed at Aidan or Maria, who knows? It all depends on the writers, when they see the public’s reaction and they think ‘hang on, should we be giving it a bit more towards Aidan?’

Is Aidan aware of Maria’s troubled past when she was sending Tyrone text messages pretending they were from his crazy ex-girlfriend Kirsty?
Shayne laughed and said: “She tells him: ‘I wasn’t stalking Tyrone, you know’ and there’s a light bulb moment where he thinks: ‘Stalking?’

How long did it take for Shayne to feel comfortable at Coronation Street?
“You’re instantly comfortable,” he says. “That’s what I love about it. I’ve been here for over a year now, so I’m not a newbie.  I’ve been picking up so much. I learn every day. I feel very comfortable, but when you’re given a storyline like this it always helps as I get on so well with Samia (Maria) and Cath (Eva) so we’re all buzzing that we get to do scenes together.”

Who would Shayne like to have more scenes with?
“I think a lot of people are saying this…. Conor McIntyre (Pat Phelan) because Aidan and Phelan have already had a little bit of a run in”

Shayne finished the interview by saying he would like to show Aidan’s Irish connections in the hopes it might explain why Aidan has such a hot temper and keeps flying off the handle. “He hit Johnny Connor, blaming him for Aidan’s mum’s death. And then when he found out that Carla was his sister, he wanted to hit Johnny again! So I’d like to explore that, find out what’s going on with Aidan’s past. He might even prove be a match for Pat Phelan””

In real life has Shayne ever been involved in a love triangle?
“Never!” he laughed. “It’s not worth it!”

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Pat said...

Why do they always have the same excuse for sleeping with someone they shouldn't? The having too much to drink scenario is wearing thin.


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