Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Weds 17 August

Wednesday 17th August
LEANNE TAKES BACK CONTROL OF HER LIFE At the bistro a hungover Nick describes his night out with the hens while Leanne does her best to mask her jealousy, Nick and Leanne beg Zeedan to take his job back and Robert reveals he’s struck a deal with Steve for Street Cars to provide a delivery service for their takeaway food. Meanwhile when Leanne calls to see Amy, Liz refuses to let her in and glancing at Leanne’s stomach, explains Amy has chickenpox. Leanne realises with horror Liz knows she’s pregnant. Leanne pours her heart out to Liz and explains how she wishes she could be with Nick but it’s impossible as she’s carrying Steve’s baby. Reaching a decision, Leanne announces that from now on, the baby is her only priority.
IZZY’S DEVASTATED WHEN SHE LEARNS HOW GARY FEELS In an attempt to put the spark back in their relationship, Izzy suggests a holiday. To her delight, Gary reckons it’s a great idea. When Gary shows Izzy his family holiday ideas, Izzy’s crushed and explains she meant a romantic break for the two of them. Gary finally admits to Izzy that he doesn’t want a physical relationship but is happy to stay for the sake of their family. Izzy’s deeply upset.
CAZ HAS ONE LAST THROW OF THE DICE Maria calls at the garage and suggests to Luke he should collect his things. Luke wonders if she’s met someone else but Maria insists that’s not the case. Hoping Maria will change her mind, Caz apologises for overstepping the mark. But Maria sticks to her guns, adamant she wants her out.
ELSEWHERE Rita signs Gemma’s Good Samaritan application form. In the gym, Sharif flirts on the phone but when Gary arrives he quickly kills the call. At Rita’s insistence, Norris reluctantly buys Gemma lunch in the Rovers by way of thanks. Michelle arrives home from Ireland and Steve is delighted to have her back.

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abbyk said...

I spy with my little eye a poodle perm. Is it Throwback Thursday already?

Anonymous said...

it took me for a loop also - maybe it's the pic, but it certainly isn't a flattering look for Liz.

coconno196 said...

Eeugh! I'd just been thinking how much better Liz's hair was looking recently, more flattering and better suited to her age. Throwback indeed - didn't Deirdre have that style a few decades ago?

Cobblestone said...

When I glanced at the pic, I actually thought it was Nessa back again!

Anonymous said...

I'm confused,I thought Michelle and Steve were supposed to go to Ireland together for baby making reasons but she went alone why?What about her 'three jobs'?
This storyline is getting silly even for Corrie standards.

Cobblestone said...

I think Steve did go with her, but came back early. It was all a bit vague though.

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