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Saturday 20 August 2016

Coronation Street weekly update – Mother Theresa with a fake tan

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Gemma takes it upon herself to be a Weatherfield Good Samaritan and chooses Rita as her pet project.  Rita’s bemused and amused at Gemma’s attentions and when she tells Audrey what Gemma’s up to, Audrey sums Gemma up: “She’s like Mother Theresa with chewing gum and a fake tan.” Gemma’s determined to turn her life around and win the award by helping out Rita as much as she can. So when she turns up in The Kabin, Norris sends Gemma out delivering papers as The Kabin’s paperboy’s gone awol. Norris isn’t sure about Gemma but has his mind changed when he sells a piece of Emily’s furniture online. When Donna-Marie comes into The Kabin to hand over cash for Emily’s old cupboard, she secretly scratches it in the hope that Norris will flog it to her cheap. But Gemma recognises Donna-Marie from the estate and sends her out of the Kabin with a flea in her ear. These references to Emily in Peru are all well and good but selling off her trinkets and furniture, at her request, doesn’t bode well for a promised return. I do hope I’m wrong.
Eva’s still hurting over the fact that Aidan doesn’t want to move in with her, just yet. He buys her a necklace to cheer her up, but the smile on her face doesn’t last long when the factory girls tell Eva it’s a guilty gift. Aidan then takes her for dinner at the Bistro and there’s only two seats left as the place is so busy. Eva says she doesn’t mind sharing the table with Maria and Luke, but Aidan looks shifty after the sofa shenanigans with Maria last week. It’s uncomfortable for Aidan and Maria as the couples double-date but things get even worse when Caz comes in. She asks Maria if she’s seen Liam’s little red truck that he’s asking for, and then she asks Aidan if he saw it when he was in the flat. Eva demands to know what Aidan was doing in Maria’s flat. Well, she would. Maria lies and says Aidan was asking her opinion on flats as he was thinking of moving in with Eva. Eva, who had doubts about Aidan’s motivation for buying her a necklace earlier in the episode now falls hook, line and sinker for Maria’s stinker of a fib.
I’m loving the chemistry between Leanne and Nick despite neither of them being, to my mind, likeable characters. Leanne decides to up sticks and leave for Liverpool as the stress of living so close to Steve and carrying his baby is, it’s fair to say, doing her head in. She tells Eva she can have the flat to herself after she’s left and Eva asks Aidan to move in with her, an offer he can hardly refuse as he has to stick with Maria’s lie that he wants to. There was a wonderful scene in Leanne’s kitchen when Eva told Aidan she loved him and she hugged him towards her. It was one of those shots when the camera focussed on Aidan’s face, an over-the-shoulder face full of doubt and regret. And then the camera panned to Eva, a face of hopeful uncertainty.

Elsewhere this week, Sean needs a place to live and Norris has got a spare room. Sean swallows his pride and asks Norris if he can move in as his lodger. It’s a request to which Norris agrees. I think this just might work.

Maria breaks up with Luke and gives him her engagement ring back, much to Audrey’s chagrin. Audrey’s always had a soft spot for Luke and has a crush on him the size of Salford itself. But Maria’s not for turning and tells him she doesn’t love him anymore. In a scene in the Rovers, Maria and Kate talk about Manchester Pride. Maria mentions her gay ex-boyfriend (Marcus) but completely forgets about her gay husband (Pablo).

In other news this week, Amy has chickenpox and Michelle is pregnant. Ah yes, Michelle. Steve finally plucks up the confidence to tell Michelle he doesn’t want a baby, not at his age, not at her age, not now, not ever. Too late, says Michelle, she’s already up the duff. It’s poor Liz I feel sorry for. Caught in the middle knowing what’s going on with Steve getting both Leanne and Michelle pregnant and yet she’s got to keep quiet – for now.

Gary and Izzy have a heart-to-heart and it’s clear that Gary’s heart isn’t in the same place as Izzy’s as far as their relationship goes. He says he’ll move out and they’ll just be the best parents to Jake they can be. But then Izzy suggests he doesn’t move out, he moves into the spare room instead. Gary wants to leave but Izzy wants him to stay.

And finally this week there was some lovely dialogue from Mary (via writer Damon Rochefort). Mary mused in the café about life on the road when she lived in her motorhome. She told a tale of taking a wrong turn in Nevada and ending up at Burning Man festival for a whole week. Lovely stuff.
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Tvor said...

Steve, Aidan and Gary look like a herd of deer caught in the headlights! I"m sure Izzy is hoping he'll come round and Eva, she's really rushing things as she always does. Steve is just a plonker that got himself in a big hot mess as per usual.

Anonymous said...

Ina way I feel sorry for Steve,he and Leeanne did sleep together after he thought Michelle left him for good but when it comes out he'll be the villain and Michelle the 'victim'.
I would also like add that Steve was pressured by Michelle and Dev to go along with her desire to have a baby when ironically a few months ago she wanted no more children and wanted Steve to get a vascetomny.
As for Gary,I wonder how soon before he and Sarah become a couple as I suspect his change of heart against Izzy has to do with his encounter with Sarah in the gym when she was looking for Bethany.

coconno196 said...

I live these little scenes with Mary, classic Corrie comedy at its best.

coconno196 said...

Oops! I meant "love" of course. What makes the scenes so funny is that people have a certain image of Mary, but the stories show a completely different side to her.

Anonymous said...

How would she have gotten the motorhome to the US? Surely she must have rented one on a visit.

Lea said...

Izzy's top - yuck, who chooses her clothes, they are awful.

Flo said...

@Anonymous 9:37, she did say she rented it. The trip to the US was when she caught the "bug" to own one.

I'm curious--aren't there vaccinations against chicken pox in the UK? It is very rare for kids in the US to get it, most kids get it with their routine inoculations. About the only ones who don't are for religious reasons or an allergy to eggs. I thought it odd that Amy would have them.

robbob said...

@Flo - No chicken pox vaccine is not routinely offered in the UK.

Anonymous said...

you got rid of Jason and tony, now please get rid of Zedan and Rana! What BAD acting!!


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