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Sunday 21 August 2016

YAY or NAY: Should Alma return to Corrie?

Yes I know you probably all think I'm completely bonkers but stay with me for a moment. I absolutely love Amanda Barrie and I think she's a cracking actress. As Alma, she created one of my all time favourite Coronation Street characters. I think it was a crying shame that Alma was killed off when Amanda decided to leave the Street as I always thought she'd be a character that could pop back now and then.

Amanda has gone on to play other roles on stage and screen since she left Corrie but in a recent interview the actress made it clear that she still misses Weatherfield life. Indeed she still dreams about working on Corrie. As she very obviously has great affection for the show, this made me wonder if a return was completely dead in the water.


After all, characters returning from the dead isn't exactly new in the increasingly bizarre world of the soap opera. Only last year Anne Charleston reprised her iconic Neighbours role as Madge Bishop to celebrate thirty years of the Australian soap. And just a few months ago we saw Pam St Clement back for a brief appearance as Pat Butcher from the other side as Barbara Windsor's Peggy breathed her last in Albert Square. 

Now, I'm not saying we should bring Alma back to say goodbye to another iconic character, however as Alma still has strong links to two current cast members (Sue Nicholls' Audrey and Helen Worth's Gail) I think it would be great fun to reunite these wonderful Corrie ladies one last time. Perhaps Ken could propose to Audrey who then turns to her oldest (and albeit dead) friend for advice? Coronation Street rarely does two hander episodes but I bet a half hour devoted to Audrey and Alma would be fantastic viewing and a chance for the writing team to create some gems.

Of course this is all bonkers as I said at the beginning, but I can still dream. And it would help right the wrong of Amanda's original departure from Corrie back in 2001. So what do you think about a return for Alma for one night only? YAY or NAY?


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Anonymous said...

Nay! As you say: bonkers.

Anonymous said...

That's a bit harsh John (above).

Graeme, I'm with you. I miss her too, and I wish they never killed the character. Remember Gail used to be a capable efficient woman back when she and Alma ran the cafe. Incl Audrey, they made a great trio in all their scenes.
Maybe she could come back and play Alma's sister or cousin. Same actress playing a new character. Costume and makeup teams can do wonders to make her appear different to the Alma character.

Anonymous said...

Don't give the writers any more barmy ideas. They have enough stupid ideas of their own!

PoidaPete said...

That's a bit rough John. There's no need to be rude.

If Amanda misses the show so much, do people think there has been enough time passed for her to play a different character? That way Amanda herself would be back on the show, just not as Alma. The only other viable option would be a dream sequence akin to Sally with Tom after 20 years in Home and Away, whee she had a dream whilst nearly dying and Tom told her it wasn't her time and she needs to go back.

Amanda is a great actress and she would be an asset to have back for any period. ­čśŐ

Anonymous said...

Perhaps if Mike Baldwin was still on the Street,I would say yes with Alma amking a brief appearance in a dream sequence as Mike dreamns about his lost love but now no.
There have been two many storylines centered around the Platts while other characters have been pushed aside so I don't think another one featuring 'Alma' is necessary.
I also think there are too many characters on the Street to justify bring Amanda back as a new character.

Humpty Dumpty said...

If the producers wanted to do something completely off the wall, they could give us a 15 minute on-line episode. A dream sequence, perhaps, when Audrey or Gail has a general anaesthetic. They could use any plot they liked as it would be entirely outside the main story lines. It could be written as a reminiscence piece in modern day or reworking the old days (as one does in dreams). Did Alma have a catch phrase when dishing out advice? Both Gail and Audrey could do with a good friend right now even if she's dead. Words of wisdom do often spring from the subconscious in times of stress.

Anonymous said...

Just no.

Tvor said...

We'd also have to explain how a ghost can visibly age 15 years. :)

Louby said...

The appearance of a dead character has already been done in Corrie, with Vera. That, in my opinion, was a fantastic moment, perfect for its context, but never to be repeated.

Unknown said...

Definitely yay. Back in 2001, I was too young to be watching Corrie but from what I've heard, she's great. We share the same birthday, that has to mean something. The idea of a two hander between her and Gail. I'd love to see her back, but if a return ever were to happen, I hope it wouldn't be as disappointing as Cilla, although Bev's return was handled perfectly.

Unknown said...

I meant her and Audrey...

David said...

Err no... because she's dead.

Her best scenes were with Mike anyway.

Anonymous said...

The idea of a ghost in Corrie has been done before with Martha Longhurst.

Vera's ghost was explained as being an illusion caused by Jack's health. But the Martha Longhurst ghost was a ghost. She was seen by a character who never knew her and heard by the audience.

But should they bring a ghost back? I'm not too sure. EastEnders has brought back three characters from the dead literally, plus had two others brought back in hallucination form. Corrie should stay away from that kind of thing.


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