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Thursday 18 August 2016

Coronation Street Weds 17th August episode review

Steve joins the Bistro family with a classic gurn

Hello! It's just Jordan with this week's Wednesday review.

Tonight's episode was almost entirely centred around the current dodgy couples of Weatherfield and as soon as the opening titles have rolled, we see Maria walking towards the recently dumped Luke, sheepishly asking if he is okay. He rightly points out that the end of their relationship has come out of nowhere and she fobs him off with the excuse that she just fell out of love with him. Audrey - who seems to have taken quite a shine to Luke - tries to make Maria see the mistake she has made but Maria is having none of it, giving her the same excuse she fed to Luke as she colours a client's hair in  a dramatically serious fashion.

"I suppose I've just fell out of love with you. I'm really sorry"

The second dodgy couple storyline covered in tonight's episode was that of Leanne/Steve/Michelle. Leanne has finally seen the light and started working at the Bistro again. However, the writers never miss an opportunity to coat a storyline in contrived predictability lately, so things are already not going to plan. And how could they rub salt in Leanne's poorly written wounds? Well, Steve and Robert have all of a sudden decided that the Bistro needs a takeaway service. Steve can help with this, of course. He has a taxi. As we know, Leanne is pregnant with Steve's baby, so she is fiercely against the idea of working alongside Steve. You'd think Steve had reverted back to the 1990s version of himself as he has had no problem with the ladies as of late. In fact, Michelle has just returned from a trip away and still has her heart set on trying for a baby with him. Leanne bumps into Liz when calling to pick Amy up for sports club but is surprised to learn that she is suffering from chicken pox so she won't be attending. It is during this moment that Leanne realises that Liz knows. As if it was any surprise. Liz could drag anything out of Steve - and will. It's almost the law that all mediation/confrontation scenes involving Liz must take place in the back room of the pub. Most residents of the Street have cried about something in there one at time or another, and tonight it was Leanne's turn. Leanne laments to Liz that she's worried she's burnt her bridges with Nick, and this baby is just a huge spanner in the works. After Liz explains to her that Steve is her son and that's why she will stand by him no matter how daft he can be, Leanne has a sudden change of heart. She thanks Liz and apologises to her. As she swiftly leaves the back room, she quickly announces that Liz will never get to know this baby. The episode ended with Liz looking as confused as her curls.

"It's not about Steve or Nick or me. It's about what's right for this baby. Thanks"
"What for?"
"For showing me what I need to do. I'm really sorry Liz. I'm really sorry you won't get to know this baby.
You would have been a brilliant grandma"

Elsewhere, the Izzy and Gary storyline limped along slowly. As we know, Izzy is feeling much more excited about her apparent reconciliation with Gary since her release from prison. Unfortunately, these feelings are far from reciprocated by Gary, who is finding the relationship somewhat empty. Izzy is reluctantly starting to realise this. After doing a bit of product placement for us by way of contactless payment in the corner shop, Erica takes up her position as Agony Aunt shop assistant and suggests the two of them go away for a romantic weekend. Gary looks for deals online, but is leaning more towards a family getaway rather than a romantic weekend and this sparks Izzy to confront him. She knows he does not want a relationship and is hurt that he has appeared to have lied and pretended. The last we see of Izzy and Gary in tonight's episode leaves things open for the next episode, as she tells him she needs time to think and we see nothing more.
"All the time I was in prison, you led me to believe you wanted us to get back together"
"I wanted to feel the way we used to because you need me.
Because Jake needs me"

And now that's the mundane couples dramas out of the way, we move onto what I think was the saving grace of tonight's episode. Gemma. Wonderful, delightfully chavvy, daft Gemma. She's trying to achieve something for once and has put herself forward for the Weatherfield Good Samaritan Award. It's a bit like Meryl Streep nominating herself for an Oscar, but never mind. She gets to meet (and, to her mind, snog) Peter Andre and I would be any kind of Samaritan for him. She rushes into the Kabin with a fully filled out form for "old biddy" Rita to sign. Which she does, after hastily crossing out the incredibly inaccurate "old biddy" title. After Gemma alerted Norris of con artist Donna Marie in Monday's episode, he reluctantly agrees to buy her a drink at Rita's suggestion. Norris even agrees with Rita that she deserves to win. And so do I. While  I don't think Gemma has been selfless by any stretch of the imagination, she does deserve to have some kind of accomplishment.

"Who you calling an old biddy?"
"You can cross that bit out if you want..."

Not a bad episode, but not a terribly exciting one tonight. I'm at a bit of a loss with Corrie right now. Lately, watching it has become somewhat of a chore, But there is always something positive in every episode and that was tonight the interaction between Rita, Norris and Gemma. I do think that Rita works particularly well with younger characters. The rest of the stuff was dull. We don't need three storylines all about the problems of couples all in one episode. I'm just glad we were spared of the Eva/Aiden/Maria stuff in tonight's episodes.

Anyway, as always

Thanks for reading!


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Lily Bigfield said...

I always enjoy your reviews and your pithy and witty turn of phrase, Jordan - in this case, more than the episode itself!

Anonymous said...

Seems like all Steve's been doing since he came back is gurning. From one to the next, every episode he's in.

Anonymous said...

there really isn't much on the positive, witty, comedic side of Corrie lately. Just more tattered relationships - besides the ones we have seen, it was obvious that we will soon see the double side of Sharif with his "lunch companion".
What I really don't understand is Leanne - she treated Nick horribly the second time round - choosing Peter over him after Nick rescued her when Peter dumped her for Carla- now she reacts OTT with Steve coming anywhere near her, or that anybody should figure out what's on between them, yet on the same token she is the one flouncing about and causing scenes that just aren't necessary. Of course people are going to start putting 2 & 2 together & realize what's going on because of the way she is behaving and it's soap law - no secret stays a secret.
I thought Maria asking Luke how he was doing and then in the next sentence asking when he would clear out his stuff was really cold and heartless - yet, maybe that is all she deserves. Nasty piece of work.

abbyk said...

It's so hard to avoid Corrie spoilers that I was actually surprised when Leanne left Liz saying she would have been a great grandmother. It's kinda nice, for a change, to not know what's going to happen next.

The faltering couples, Izzy & Gary, Steve & Michelle and Luke & Maria, are 3 that don't have a spark amongst them. Honestly don't care what happens to any of those relationships. Nick and Leanne, however, I actually like (no, I can't explain it, I just do). Maybe because he is good with Simon, maybe because they work well together, but now we know she likes him and I want to see how they'll work it out.

coconno196 said...

And yet again Audrey and Maria are neglecting customers while they try to sort out their private lives at work. What was Kate doing there anyway?

I'm all for Gemma rehabilitating herself (so long as she calms down a bit), but surely you're not supposed to try to get a Good Samaritan award? Isn't it the point that folk nominate anyone who's been a good neighbour simply out of the goodness of their heart, without any thought of awards?

Tvor said...

Great review!
I always enjoy it when Rita takes a young woman under her wing, it really does work well. I really love watching Gemma finally blooming, trying to shed the rough life she's had up to now and make something of herself. She's not quite sure how to do it but her heart's in the right place.

The couples truly are a struggle to watch, aren't they? I never bought that Maria was in love with Luke so it doesn't surprise me she jumped at the chance to have it off with Aidan. She's been showing a lot more disrespect for Luke lately.


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