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Sunday 28 August 2016

Coronation Street double episode review, Friday 26 August 2016

Whether or not the bins were to go out front or back didn’t remain a pressing issue for long on Friday’s double Corrie, as a number of lies took centre stage to varying effect.

Universal smiles greeted Nick as Eva and Simon found him making morning coffee at Leanne’s flat, which, of course, can only mean one thing. It's all moving rather quickly for the couple, and Nick has gone from uncertainty to asking Leanne that she and Simon not only move in with him, but that he be declared as the father of her baby. Nick may like to think he has snipped Gail’s apron strings, but she appears the main motivation behind this latest suggestion, as he thinks she will cope better with the news that they’re back together if she believes the child is his.

I do enjoy a Platt convention, and there have been interviews at Weatherfield station less intense than Gail’s interrogation of Nick and Leanne in the Rovers as they confirm they’re back on.

It wouldn’t be like Tracy Barlow to see them emerge from the antenatal clinic, and not reveal this to maximum effect, however, and announcing their news in front of the Platts is the only thing to put Gail on mute, temporarily at least. This would appear to leave Leanne with no choice but to publicly announce her pregnancy, and say that Nick is the father.

Meanwhile Liz and Steve watch agog from the bar with as many questions as Gail. This, together with Michelle's obliviousness, was played for comedic effect, and while I did laugh, it's perhaps at odds with the seriousness of the situation. Steve didn't cover himself in glory by confronting Leanne in the bathroom and acting like this was the best solution ever. He even raised a toast with the couple despite looks from Leanne which I'd never wish to be on the receiving end of.

While I do like Leanne and Nick as a couple, their history aside, I'm not yet sure how I feel about how this is playing out.

Meanwhile, Michael is at home with Max and Lily in the wake of her first birthday without their Mam. Sensitive to how Max is feeling, Michael agrees to help him find Kylie’s favourite beach pebble in the garden. After he does, Michael presents a shoebox into which Max can put his memories of his Mam. This was a beautiful set of scenes and more fitting of Lily's first birthday without Kylie than the Platts arguing in the Rovers, as amusing as it was.

Gary continues to be a concerned friend to Bethany, and is astute enough to spot there’s more going on behind the diet pills, which she insists she’s stopped taking, than she is making out. He later finds her in tears at the bus stop and it transpires she’s failed three exams. Gary encourages her to tell her Mam, and he’s by her side as she does. Sarah blames herself and feels terrible even though Bethany says she can resit them. 

Later, however, Gary catches Lauren taunting Bethany at the gym and jumps in just after Bethany throws a punch. After kicking Lauren out, Gary tells Bethany the school must know and gives her two choices; tell her Mam, or he goes with her. I'm glad she opts for the latter, as this storyline of Gary offering support and encouraging her to share her problems is right up my street.

Aidan is a man on the edge and thinks Maria’s making it too obvious that she’s trying to avoid Eva. He wants them to act normally yet, as Maria points out, he has called into the salon when she’s alone without getting a haircut. After a reluctant trip to the gym with Kate, Sophie and Eva, Maria becomes more than Eva’s boxercise punch bag as she extends the hand of friendship to help her find a man after breaking up with Luke.

I'm enjoying Aidan's palpable panic in this storyline, and Maria certainly has the feel of a loose cannon about her at times, so it's justified. It will be interesting to see how they both cope with Eva's mission to see Maria paired off.

Vinny may appear to have the upper hand on Phelan when he cops that the money needed for the development is coming out of Eileen’s pocket, and not his, but I still think Phelan would have him for breakfast if it came to it.

When she returns from Thailand to reveal that Jason thinks the investment is a great idea, the relief on Phelan's face is followed closely by a set of eyes peeping over an unassuming mug that would give jaws a run for his money.

By Emma Hynes
Twitter: @ELHynes
Facebook: @EmmaHynesWrites
Instagram: emmalouhynes

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Anonymous said...

Steve and Liz's reactions and almost farcical behaviour after was Corrie at its best for me - the drama and gasp at Tracey's nastiness, Gail's sniping - but all contrasting beautifully with finding the comedy in the situation. Perfect. My favourite scene in years. Michael and Max was also wonderfully put together and played out. Is it me, or has Les Dennis changed Michael's accent/voice a bit - less whiny?


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