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Wednesday 31 August 2016

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Weds 31 Aug

Wednesday 31st August
MARIA’S FEARS PLAY INTO CAZ’S HANDS Caz is disappointed when Maria tells her that grateful though she is, she’d like her to find somewhere else to stay. As Maria comforts Liam and promises him the burglar won’t come back, her phone rings but there’s nobody there. Maria’s clearly unnerved, meanwhile Caz kills the call and guiltily puts her mobile away. As Caz prepares to leave, Liam finds his dad’s watch in Caz’s bag. Will Caz be able to explain? Meanwhile unnerved by the weird phone calls, will Maria have a change of heart and ask Caz to stay?
SALLY LEADS FACTORY WALKOUT Aidan calls the girls together and asks for volunteers for overtime. One by one the girls refuse, angry with Johnny for docking their wages. When the girls demand to know how Johnny found out about their film ruse, Johnny refuses to say. Accusing the management of spying on them, Sally leads the girls out on strike. In the pub, the girls congratulate Sally for standing up to the management. Tim too is proud of her but warns her she’s wrong about Phelan.
STEVE HAS A WORD WITH LIZ Aware that there’s something up with Liz, Michelle puts pressure on Steve to find out what’s eating her. Steve promises to have a word. Steve lays the law down to Liz and tells her if she can’t disguise her feelings over the situation with Leanne then she needs to find somewhere else to live as he can’t risk losing Michelle. Liz is stunned.
ELSEWHERE Having reassured Eileen that she’s doing the right thing with Jason’s money, Phelan’s relieved when Eileen promises to transfer the £65k today. Todd calls in the cab office and is gutted to hear she’s at the bank transferring Jason’s money. Tim sympathises, and reckons Todd’s right not to trust Phelan. Todd tells Eileen she’s mad to invest in Phelan’s project but is Eileen prepared to listen?

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Anonymous said...

If I were Johnny,I would fire the factory girls for going on strike without notice or merit and hire new workers in their place.
I did wonder where was Aidan when the girls were slagging off watching the movie?
I don't remember Liz threatening Michelle that she would tell Steve about her fling with Will but she's all 'concerned'about Michelle's 'feelings' and thinks she should know about Leeanne's baby?I guess in Corrie the world does revolve around Michelle.

Anonymous said...

I just don't get it. Liz is moping around like an old has been - really they are not portraying her in a very positive light lately. She is so very worried about not being able to be a part of Leanne's baby, yet she feels no empathy for Michelle's baby. Ridiculous.
As far as Eileen is concerned, she deserves every bit of guilt she will feel when it comes to light that Phelan ripped her and Jason off. No wonder Jason doesn't come back to the street. Actually, in real life that was a great way to write his exit. Maria, well she is as dopey as she has always been, trusting Caz is just the icing on the cake.

Dime said...

I'm not enjoying Corrie's storylines at the moment. Liz has repeatedly uttered the same lines to Steve, Eileen keeps talking about her "Jason's money" and Caz is still creeping around the cobbles. Boring. Come on Kate, you can do better!!!

Humpty Dumpty said...

1. Steve threatens to evict his mum if she gets to the point of blabbing to his wife. How does that work? If Steve evicts Liz, she definitely will blab.

2. Another near-departure with loved one and child stopping the bus from leaving.

3. Is it possible from that expression on Eileen's face in the café that she didn't actually go through with the bank transfer - or, at least, not all of it?

Anonymous said...

It is Liz's name above the door of the Rover's due to Steve's convictions, how can he kick her out. Silly

Anonymous said...

in reality all the storylines are silly right now -
Leanne & Steve - all those years knowing each other with no attraction and then poof - one night baby drama
Liz, mother of dim wit Steve, moaning and groaning about not being able to see her soon to be grandbaby - thinks nothing of Michelle's baby which is also her grandbaby
Steve threatening to throw her out even though she owns the pub, then according to the previews Nick forces Steve to leave.
The love of his life Leanne, even though they have been married & divorced 2x before - chances are, with Peter Barlow returning to the show - he will break them up again. So it's obvious that Michelle will soon find out the truth and poof - another divorce.
Meanwhile Sharif has had an affair for the last 7 years, Yasmeen will find out and poof, another divorce on the street.
Surely Eva will finally find out about Maria & Aidan - another fight - more drama
Eileen will find out about Phelan - more back & forth drama.
Starting to sound like a Hollywood version of a daytime soap - during the day when nobody much watches.

Anonymous said...

Caz and Maria is the worst story and worst acting I have ever seen on Corrie, and that's saying something!

Anonymous said...

I really think Steve's day is done. Same old thing for this character..woman issues..the usual plot with every female he's been hooked up with. Tiresome.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12;17, agree completely! I am watching in Canada and am completely fed up with Steve! He has turned into a complete goof and I can't for the life of me understand what women see in him. Time for him to go.


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