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Sunday 28 August 2016

Coronation Street weekly awards for Aug. 22 - 26

Temper, temper: Loved that they got the little one that plays Lily to look all angry! What a little star!

Make it stop award: Another contrived plot point: I totally refuse to believe Craig would ever humiliate Bethany by posting that photo online or even take it in the first place. I'm sure she can find plenty of reasons to neck diet pills without that happening.

Seven Year Itch: Revelations of Sharif's 7 year affair sure came out of nowhere and then after we heard how much he loves his wife, has no regrets and has planned a bucket list trip across Europe for her.

It's all about Me-chelle: Surely Steve's questions for the doctor are every bit as valid as any Michelle might have but she obviously didn't think so and rudely interrupted him.

Nick "The Flash" Tilsley was able to get into the city center through traffic, park, and get to the bus before it left and all that *after* Leanne told Simon "it's not long now" (before the bus was due to leave) and have a conversation with Simon that he managed to get Nick to overhear, making it even closer to departure time.

Risky Business award: Sharif and Sonia cuddling in the kitchen with Yasmeen upstairs!

Parenting fail: What's Nick doing offering a 13 year old coffee?

Musical ambience "How Will I Know (if he really loves me) while Aidan is grilling Maria in the salon.

Nice Guy award: Michael giving Max the memory box was exactly what the lad needed.

Lines of the week:
Nick about Gail "Walls have ears"
Steve "Don't worry about the fare because I'll sort it" Leanne "Yeah. but maybe keep the
fist pump until after I've gone, yeah?"
Yasmeen "45 years married to him and you wonder why I'm crying!"
Nick "Have I got Mug written across my forehead?"
David "The thing is, brother, life's a bitch" Nick "So what's the point" (the point is you grab happy where you can find it for however long you get to keep it)
Leanne "I thought you probably would have moved on by then. Met someone" Nick "Like who?" Leanne "Like someone that's got a lot less baggage than me" Nick "I'm not exactly traveling light, am I?"
Yasmeen, going out the door "I won't be long. Look after her" (So that's you given permission, then!)
Vinny to Phelan "If you think I'm going to wait for you to woo your way to 65 grand, you've got another think coming"
Leanne "You mean lie to everyone?" Nick "I mean not treat everyone to every detail of our messy lives" (that's one way to put it, I suppose)
Eva "I love punching things, me" (Maria didn't look too happy with that thought)
Gail "It was only 5 minutes ago that Carla was the love of your life and look how that ended" (she's got a point)
Gail "This is a rebound and it's a completely bad bounce" (I agree)
Michelle "We're all in this together. All four of us!" (Awkward!!)

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Cobblestone said...

Tvor, coffee is frequently drunk by kids in the UK, just as much as tea. I think it's a cultural thing, as I've noticed it seems to shock many Americans & Canadians. I suppose it's on a par with kids drinking wine with their meals in France. Not a good idea, of course, for any kids with ADHD!

Tvor said...

I was drinking weak tea at 14 but coffee seems so much stronger and harsher for someone that age. Yes, it's a cultural thing I suppose.

Anonymous said...

Death knell for the Nazir's..Sharif's 7 year affair - a load of tripe that is only the intro to them splitting up and leaving the street.

abbyk said...

For a few seconds this week, I actually liked Tracy Barlow. This means that my mind is on a twisted path. Here's where it led: Yasmeen finds out, splits with Sharif (but she is too awesome a character to lose, so...) Commiseration with Ken at the Rovers leads from a keen platonic friendship to a night out for Godot-like theater to something more, all despite Tracy being Kal's killer. Ken and Yasmeen enjoy the same things and must have known each other from the library, they should be friends. Ken is good at having affairs, he could teach her. He's good at that, too.

Anonymous said...

Ken and Mary - he's only twice her age, but it could work ;)

Anonymous said...

No, not Ken and Mary. Not at all. But I could see Ken and Yasmeen.

coconno196 said...

Ken and Yazmeen is a more believable pairing than most of the others at the moment, though she must be 20 years younger than him. But so was Deirdre.

I'm still annoyed that they had Craig taking the photo of Bethany and posting it online. Totally uncharacteristic, he's far too considerate to have done that.


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