Monday, 8 August 2016

Coronation Street fan of the week - Juliette from Sheffield

It's time to meet another Coronation Street fan of the week.
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Who are you and where are you from?
Juliette from Sheffield.

How long have you been watching Corrie?My mum used to watch it as I was growing up, so I've watched it from a very young age (since 2007) but I've watched it properly since around 2011/12.

Who are your favourite female and male characters - and the reasons why?
My favourite female character was Carla, I felt she was a very strong character who had a very close and sentimental friendship with Roy and Michelle, and her relationship with Nick was breathtaking, I adored them together.

My favourite male character is probably David. I felt like Kylie's death was Jack's chance to show what he really was capable of. He's evolved so much since he first started and I think he's a really credit to the show.

What's been some of your favourite Corrie storylines over the years?
The Underworld Siege was amazing, even though I wasn't properly watching it then, it sticks in my mind because of the incredible acting that took place. (Gray O'Brien is so attractive as well, haha)
I also really enjoyed Who Killed Tina? and it's probably my favourite.

What would your fantasy Corrie storyline be?
I would bring lots of old characters back! I'd see how I could develop Nick and Carla's relationship and see what sort of storylines I could make using Janice Battersby & Kelly Crabtree.

Have you any snippets or news about meeting any of the Corrie cast, or trips to the set, etc., that you'd like to share?
In 2014, I got the backstage pass to go on the Corrie tour which was amazing! I got so many photos and the whole experience was so memorable.
In April 2016, I got the chance to go to the gates where all the cast go to film and that was beyond incredible. I met Cherylee Houston, Debbie Rush, Leon Ockenden, Shayne Ward and Alison King! It was hands down the best day of my life, I'll never forget it.
And finally, in May 2016, I wrote a personal message to Richard Hawley and ended up with a reply and cast card a few weeks later! He wrote such a lovely message and I am so grateful.
Hopefully in August 2016 (my birthday), I'll be able to go back to the gates and meet even more wonderful actors!

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