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Monday 15 August 2016

Coronation Street weekly update – August 15 2016

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Beth’s not happy as Craig decides to be a cop. He heads off to an information day and then applies to join the force. Beth’s concerned that her family history of the Tinkers tinkering with the dodgy side of the law will have to be revealed and could exclude Craig from the job of his dreams. She even goes so far as to think about binning his application. But when she finds out that it’s only immediate family that need reveal any criminal convictions, she breathes a sigh of relief and Craig’s application gets posted.

The Bistro is in chaos. Robert takes to drinking, Zeedan resigns and it looks like the place has competition when Nick eyes up the empty unit next door. It’s what was, I believe, 7eventh Heaven, the bar run by Terry Duckworth, next to the unit which Kev has taken over. Anyway, Nick reports Robert to the cops for drink driving then the next thing you know, the two fellas sit down and have a pow-wow about business. However, they soon start arguing and Steph rings Leanne who comes to referee. She gets more than she bargained for when she turns up. Robert offers Nick a chance to buy back into the Bistro, which he accepts on one condition – that Leanne returns as Manager.  She’s straight back into the job, Robert’s back working in the kitchen, Steph’s happy front of house and Nick sort of lounges at the bar. It seems to be a set-up that works for the lot of them. Nick wonders why Leanne’s knocked him back in the romance stakes. He obviously doesn’t know about her being pregnant to Steve, and she can’t tell him. It’ll all come out though, it always does.

Left alone in the Grimshaw house, Phelan and Todd muddle along without Eileen who’s gone to Thailand to see Jason.  Phelan belts out ‘It’s Raining Men’ while in the shower, in a wonderful scene, and Todd turns the taps on downstairs in the kitchen to give Phelan a shower he’ll never forget.  Phelan winds up Michael in the Rovers this week, getting little digs in about him not being man enough for Eileen. Phelan also cosies up to Sally with his mate Vinny, trying to get Cllr Metcalfe on their side in the hope she’ll have some influence and can get their dodgy building scheme passed by the planning committee. Sally loves the attention, of course.

Eva’s got her heart set on moving into Carla’s old flat with Aidan. But Aidan isn’t ready to move in with anyone, just yet.  However, when Johnny decides he’s moving into Carla’s old flat and the estate agent rings to say she’s got the keys for “Mr Connor” – it’s Kirk who answers the phone and passes the message to Eva. She thinks it’s young Mr Connor who’s moving into Carla’s flat and so she packs her bags and heads to the flat to surprise Aidan, thinking that he wants them both to move in.  When Eva gets to the flat, Johnny’s having a house-warming with Maria, Kate and Luke and Eva’s heartbroken all over again.  Her relationship with Aidan deteriorates further when she doesn’t realise it’s the anniversary of his late mother’s birthday. Aidan’s hurt and confused by Eva’s behaviour, although to be fair to her, she really didn’t know the significance of the date.  So hurt and confused is Aidan, bless his little cotton socks, that he seeks refuge with Maria upstairs in her flat. Well, it’s not his cotton socks that Maria’s interested in and the two of them quite squiffy on two bottles of wine followed by a bit of how’s-your-father on the sofa.  Aidan buttons himself up after they’ve done, you know, it, when Caz walks in. She’s none the wiser, Aidan excuses himself and leaves. Maria, I hope, plumped her cushions back up.

In the corner shop, Gemma tells Dev she wants to do something with her life. She says that Kylie’s death has made her realise she should seize the moment and do something good. Dev suggests she enter herself for the Weatherfield Good Samaritan Award, which she does. The only trouble now is that Gemma needs someone to be a Good Samaritan too - and she chooses Rita. Now, I like Rita and I like Gemma and I’m glad these two are working together in scenes, they’re great. But please Corrie, don’t shove Gemma down our throats because we’re going to get sick of her very soon indeed. Keep it subtle, keep it fun, keep it great.

And finally this week, Izzy is released from prison and Gary goes to pick her up. He’s not being honest to himself or to Izzy and she thinks they’re back together as a couple, but he’s not so sure. He arranges a welcoming party at her flat but she tells him she just wants only him, alone, in bed, right now. Gary, you can tell, has put himself in a pickle and doesn’t quite know what to do.
And that’s just about that for this week.
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This week’s writers were Joe Turner and Mark Wadlow (Monday double); Mark Burt (Wednesday); Jonathan Harvey and Jan McVerry (Friday double).  Find out all about the Coronation Street writing team at Coronation Street Blog: Exclusive: All Current Corrie writers online

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Anonymous said...

What I never understood about the Izzy/cannabis storyline was, given how difficult it was to manage her pain through events leading up to the sentencing, how she was going to manage in prison. Unless the joke was that it would be easier for her to get cannabis on the inside... Now that she's back and excited to reunite with Gary, she's all but forgotten about the pain. Was it always related to stress? Is it better now that she has something to look forward to??

abbyk said...

I find the immaturity of so many of the adult characters appalling.

- Kate and Aidan carry on about family stuff as if they were still ten. Yes, losing a parent is painful, but Kate, you've admitted you barely remember her, and even so, it's been about 20 years. By now one would have expected the pair of you to have developed some coping mechanisms. Caz, of whom I am not a fan, was not throwing anything in your face, Kitten. She messed up, and Luke messed up, and it may have been an idiotic idea, but it was intended to be a comforting gesture and you wouldn't listen. Adults don't shout about it and stomp off in a public place.

- Living arrangements: you've been together about a year, Aidan, why wouldn't Eva be thinking about moving in together? You've were left at the alter a month ago, Nick, and you haven't even asked her out on a proper date? Why would Leanne be in love and want to move in with you? That lemon sucking face is going to scare away your customers -- get over yourself.

- Chasing: yes, Eva, a barrage of texts is annoying. Just like never ending phone calls or notes, give him a chance to reply and don't look desperate. 'Call me' is not a message. It is a lead in to the question 'Why?'

- I'm just not that into you: Gary! Say it. You're leading on Izzy and the rest of the street.

I won't pick on Steve and Michelle because they weren't in Fridays ep, but I've got my eyes on them. We can't have believable drama without believable characters. Come on, lets have someone besides Craig acting the adult.

Anonymous said...

You girlfriend didn't remember your deceased mother's birthday so that's an excuse to shag her friend? What a completely lame, obtuse storyline. My husband of 40 years didn't ever remember my mothers birthday when she was alive FGS. What a load.

Anonymous said...

can't mention Gemma + subtle in the same sentence - ain't never go to happen.


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