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Monday 29 August 2016

Preview of tonight's double Coronation Street - Mon 29 Aug

Monday 29th August
IT’S A DARK DAY FOR MARIA Instructing Aidan to pack his stuff and move it over to her flat, Eva heads out to find Maria. Aidan masks his concern. In the salon, Eva and Audrey needle away at Maria suggesting she should never have split up with Luke. Maria finally snaps and telling Eva her relationship with Aidan won’t last, storms out. Smarting after her exchange with Maria, Eva’s even more put out to discover Aidan hasn’t even started packing. Meanwhile finding the door to her flat open, Maria enters with trepidation as a burglar lurks in the shadows.
THINGS GO FROM BAD TO WORSE FOR CAZ As Maria and Liam walk Ozzy on the Red Rec, they’re shocked to find Caz sleeping rough on a bench. Explaining that the army has kicked her out, Caz hopes Maria will take pity on her. But pointing out she’s already had her fingers burnt once, Maria hands her some cash and tells her she’ll have to sort herself out. A kid approaches Caz on her bench and whilst he distracts her, his mate steals her rucksack. Caz is at the end of her tether.
SALLY AND PHELAN GO HEAD TO HEAD Having cast her eye over Phelan’s development proposal, Sally assures him he has her full support. But when she finds out from Tim that the proposed development will mean the knocking down of the community hall, Sally tells Phelan and Eileen she may have to withdraw her support. Phelan fumes.
ELSEWHERE Loved up after spending the night with Johnny, Jenny tells him she’d better get going as they wouldn’t want anyone to spot her leaving his flat. With Johnny out at a meeting, the girls down tools, produce an array of snacks and sit back to watch a film in the factory. Jenny’s appalled. Concerned for Bethany’s welfare, Gary asks Craig to keep an eye on her.

Monday 29th August
MARIA COMES FACE TO FACE WITH FEAR Shoving Maria out of the way, the burglar makes a run for it. Maria falls, cracking her head on the edge of a table. Caz calls at Maria’s flat and is horrified to discover she’s been attacked. While tending to Maria’s wound, Caz phones the police to report the burglary. The police question Maria who breaks down as she relives her ordeal. Caz comforts her. Scared at the thought of being on her own, Maria asks Caz if she’ll stay over. Caz is only too pleased to act as Maria’s rock but is there to this than meets the eye?
SALLY HAS A CHANGE OF HEART Sally explains to Phelan and Eileen how the building he intends to pull down currently houses a film club which Alex attends. Realising he needs to have Alex on side, Phelan takes him for a drink. Phelan calls at No.4 with Alex in tow and explains to Sally that he’s had a rethink and would like to include some extra affordable housing. Tim remains sceptical.
NICK AND LEANNE PUT THE PAST BEHIND THEM Having brought in the last of Leanne’s things, Nick cracks open a bottle of fizz and tells Liz, Michelle, Steve, Leanne and Dev how happy he is that they’re back together.
ELSEWHERE When Kate warns the factory girls that Johnny’s on his way back, they quickly kill the film and clear up the debris. Johnny enters to find the girls beavering away. Grabbing a moment with Johnny, Jenny gives him the heads up on how the factory girls have been taking him for a ride. Fuming, Johnny accuses the girls of wasting work time and docks their wages. As Sean suspects someone grassed them up Jenny squirms. Craig explains to Bethany how Gary has asked him to keep an eye on her. Bethany’s quietly chuffed at Gary’s interest in her.

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Cobblestone said...

Grassing them up? They ought to be fired! Watching a film when being trusted to get on with the job they're paid to do? I find it difficult to believe most of the Faktry Girls would do this (okay, Beth and maybe Sean, but not Sally, Fizz or Izzy. And Eva is Aidan's partner!)

Anonymous said...

It's all about Maria recently - new friends, suрer рoрular, if only Samia could act it might be worthwhile ;) - and don't get me started on her inability to cry convincingly!

coconno196 said...

Where's my comment gone this time?!

The Faktri staff skiving in Johnny's absence is just ridiculous. It's more like the behaviour of schoolchildren if they are left unattended. In Jenny's place I'd probably report them too.

Anonymous said...

With regards to Phelan's plans,when does Ale xever mention going to a movie? He's always hung over from a night of drinking and skiving off work.
It would've made more sense if it was Roy who was a cinephile objecting to the movie theatre being torn down rather than Alax as we've seen Roy protest with Yasmeen when a library was going to be closed down.

Zagg said...

I completely agree about Alex and this trumped up film club. I honestly had to think who was Alex. He has fizzled as a character for me. It's another ridiculous contrived storyline.
And the Maria and Caz show just needs to stop. Two of the most annoying pointless people on the street, now teaming up. I just can't. And why all of a sudden does Caz have no where to go? Did she fall out of the sky from another planet? She had to come from somewhere. Please send her back.

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen it in action but the photo of Maria looks like pretty good crying?

Anonymous said...

Maria is a boring, pointless character. She really wastes a lot of screentime. And this factory girls watching a film while being paid double time for working on a bank holiday is totally unbelievable... just wouldn't happen even in the soap opera world, but of course the lazy writers have to force a lazy storyline down our throats.

Beth said...

Maria and Phelan front and centre. Still dark days on the street. When will it get better? Whose idea was it to try and make Maria a central character? Deary me. I hope this isn't the work of the new producer!

Jane said...

I agree Maria is a pretty boring character but Samia is not a bad actor.

J.T. Brock said...

The actors are very good. The storylines are just plain unbelievable. I've never seen so many contrived plot lines. Are these holdovers from Mr Blackburn and will things change with Ms Oates? The whole Leanne sleeping with Steve is utterly ridiculous but look at the drama it has caused. The whole Phelan plot line is ridiculous as well. Get new writers please. The actors are top notch just they have crappy material.


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