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Corrie weekly update - A funeral, Bootylicious and the number 89

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It’s Kylie’s funeral and Beyonc√©’s Bootylicious belts out inside the church.  The mourners are told to wear something bright, it’s what Kylie would have wanted. But at the graveside, there’s a fight when David and Todd get to grips.  Todd has always thought, wrongly, that Sarah killed Callum and armed with this knowledge he sought to protect her, pinning Callum’s death on Jason’s dead dad Tony.  But on the day of the funeral when Sarah and Todd have a heart to heart and all of this comes out, Sarah is dumbfounded and swears to Todd that she didn’t kill Callum. Todd puts two and two together and comes up with five, reckoning this means that David is the murderer. He blames David for Jason having to move out to Thailand – it all got a bit daft really. Todd was the one, after all, who pinned Callum’s death on Tony, causing Jason to leave, so Todd’s change of heart in all of this, left my head spinning. 

Anyway, what we really need to know is, in true soap style, there’s a fight at Kylie’s funeral  although David’s confused as to why Todd’s laying into him. It’s only later, back at the house, that Todd finally finds out who killed Callum. He storms off to the cop shop, determined to tell them about killer Kylie. Sarah insists on going with him and begs him not to tell the cops. If he did, Todd would be the one in trouble for pinning the murder on Tony and things wouldn’t bode well for Sarah and David either. Todd does the right thing and keeps schtum.

However, the fallout from Kylie’s death continues when Macca threatens Gemma up against the wall on the Street.  It’s Craig who spots what’s going on and although Gemma tells him not to, Craig calls the police. This sets him off wondering about a career as a cop.

But there was more fury at the funeral when Sean found out that Todd and Billy were an item, a couple, seeing each other, together, snogging, oh, you get the picture. In a wonderful scene inside the church with Billy in his vicar outfit after conducting the funeral, Sean was in tears in the church. He blamed Billy, he blamed Todd, he blamed everyone but himself for his relationship falling apart.

Later at the house, Phelan sticks his oar in and suggests to Sean he might like to move out. “He’s a middle aged man, lodging,” Phelan says, who is also, let’s not forget, a middle aged man, lodging. Ooh, he knows what he’s up to that Phelan, setting Sean up against Todd. Sean forces Eileen to make a decision – him or her son – as if there would ever be any doubt which one Eileen would choose. And so Sean moves out, and in tears too, when Phelan lets slip that Eileen knew about Todd and Billy before Sean found out.  Phelan is so nasty, so horrid…  so wonderful to watch. 

Anyway, Eileen heads off to Thailand to see Jason who’s had a fall and is in hospital. Before she goes, Phelan gives Eileen details of an investment scheme his mate Vinny has cooked up and he tells her she should invest Jason’s cash.  Eileen said she’ll look at the details when she’s on the plane.  The investment scheme is a scam, but Eileen doesn’t know that, of course. While she’s away, and as Sean’s moved out to the Rovers, Pat and Todd are left in the house together, two tigers circling each other, claws out. As soon as the front door slams shut on Eileen when she leaves for the airport, I feared that Phelan might show his alpha-male colours to Todd and lay down the law. But no, it was tiger Todd who growled first, letting Phelan know he was watching him. With his back turned to Todd, it was fun for us viewers to see the cocky smirk on Phelan’s face slowly disappear.

It’s not looking good for a return from Peru for Emily, I fear.  She was mentioned this week, as was Spider (SPIDER KLAXON!) when Norris said Emily had been in touch authorising him to sell off her trinkets and what-nots online.  Tim suggested he take Emily’s antimacassars as he liked to put them on his head when he was a kid to sing along to The Sound of Music.

Elsewhere this week, in a lovely scene, Audrey was comforted by Freddie at the bus-stop after Kylie’s wake in the Rovers. 

And over at the Bistro, Robert goes into melt-down, unable to cope with cooking and managing the place at the same time. Steph’s run ragged at the front of house and the whole staffing situation has reached a boiling point.  Nick wants to set up an eatery in competition to the Bistro but fails to interest Leanne in his projection. Well, she’s seen it before. Even if his business plan makes sense to Nick, Leanne’s got more on her mind with the baby of course.

And finally this week, Eva and Aidan need a space for some privacy and so Johnny offers Aidan the keys to the flat. Their nooky time is interrupted however when Kate and Sophie come home from the gym. But the moment had passed for Eva anyway, after Aidan revealed that the amount of women he’d slept with in the past meant that Eva would be his number 90!

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Anonymous said...

I think Todd's change of heart is due to him feeling duped by Sarah who did manipulate him into thinking she killed Callum only to act 'innocent' and incriminate her brother instead.
Even when Sarah finally did tell Todd the truth,she omitted how she lured Callum to the house using Kylie's phone hoping to cause more trouble for Kylie and David due to her jealousy over Callum wanting Kylie back.

Rapunzel said...

Anonymous at 17:08, how bizarre, it's like you're watching a parallel universe Corrie.

I do not remember Sarah as wanting to cause trouble for Kylie and David - well, not by then. As I recall it, she was trying to help in a misguided way. She had seen Max with Callum's gun and was as worried about him as K & D.

Also the scene where Todd got the wrong end of the stick was a powerful one, during Sarah's mental breakdown. She wasn't then capable of being that calculating.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 20;04]Despite her breakdown,I think Sarah could still be that calculating.Considering their history,Sarah knew that Todd still had a soft spot for her hence her waterworks would make him feel sorry for her especially after she told Billy that Callum abused her.
If Sarah was so 'worried' about Callum then she wouldn't have used Kylie's phone to lure him to the house after finding out how violent he is,a fact she did omit telling Todd due to a fear of being an accessory to murder.
I have a feeling that Sarah's concern for David is an act and that she will betray him again.I don't trust her.

Anonymous said...

"He blamed Billy, he blamed Todd, he blamed everyone but himself for his relationship falling apart."

But what did Sean do to wreck his relationship with Billy, other than be Sean? (Which is not really his fault.) Mostly, he seemed loving, if over-zealous.

C in Canada said...

I don't believe what the first Anon is going on about. Sarah was, as Rapunzel said, trying to help in her misguided way. I think at this point she was already heading for her breakdown.
I didn't, and still don't, think that she was trying to cause trouble.
She had seen Callum's dark side and was trying her best to get rid of him.
I also don't believe that she purposely mislead Todd. She wasn't mentally well at the time, felt responsible, and Todd took her sense of responsibility and ran with it. Got 2 and 2 and made 5 out of it.

Flo said...

I don't think Anon 17:08 is watching the same show the rest of us are. By the time all of this came about, Sarah was wanting rid of Callum and could see what kind of havoc he was wreaking. She lured him there under the guise that it was Kylie by using her phone and that she had the money he had been trying to extort.

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