Monday, 4 July 2016

Preview of tonight's double Coronation Street - Mon 4 July

Monday 4th July
DAVID AND KYLIE BRACE THEMSELVES Gail, David and Kylie attend a meeting with Sarah and her psychiatrist. When Sarah admits the idea of returning home scares her, Kylie’s consumed with guilt. Sarah opens up to the psychiatrist about her ordeal with Callum and how she thought he was going to kill her until Kylie arrived. Gail listens in aghast while David and Kylie brace themselves.
PHELAN’S PRICE ISN’T RIGHT FOR STEPH AND ANDY Having spoken to Jason, Eileen tells Phelan that he’s happy for him to buy a second hand van for the business. Under pressure from Phelan, Eileen hands Andy and Steph a notice of rent increase on their flat. As Andy and Steph read it with horror, Michael arrives and realises this is Phelan’s handywork.
TRACY LAMENTS HER LOST DAUGHTER Ken begs Amy to visit Tracy in hospital but Amy refuses point blank. Tracy arrives home from hospital to find Ken and Amy having lunch. Amy quickly grabs her school bag and heads out ignoring her Mum. Tracy’s gutted.
ELSEWHERE Handing Bethany some copies of her CV, Gail suggests she should use her skills and find herself a summer job. Bethany reluctantly agrees. Bethany enquires about holiday work in the café but Anna tells her they’re fully staffed. Bethany’s disappointed. Lauren parks herself next to Bethany in the café and makes out she’s sorry for bullying her but was forced into it by the other girls.  Bethany’s buoyed by her apparent change of heart. Clearly worried, Gary reveals to Anna that they’re moving Izzy to a prison in Hull. Determined to expose Caz for the fraud she is, Sophie confides in Luke she’s planning to phone Caz’s army barracks to get to the truth. Freddie warns her not to get involved. Dev surprises Erica with a spa day at a swanky hotel but when Erica suddenly receives a call to say her mum has been rushed into hospital, Dev finds himself press-ganged into taking Mary instead.

Monday 4th July
SARAH MAKES A BREAKTHROUGH Sarah covers for Kylie, telling Gail and her psychiatrist how Kylie pushed Callum off, thus saving her life and David threw him out. Lauren continues to reel in Bethany and is delighted to learn from Alex that Bethany’s mum is in a psychiatric unit. Bethany follows Lauren out of the café only to find Lauren’s mates waiting for them. Bethany realises she’s been duped as Lauren and her cronies surround her chanting “psycho, psycho”.  Bethany’s frightened and upset. Bethany visits Sarah in hospital and hugs her close, wishing she could confide in her
about the bullying but scared to do so because of her mum’s fragile state.
PHELAN FUMES AS MICHAEL THWARTS HIS PLANS Michael argues with Phelan and Eileen about the rent increase but only succeeds in making matters worse for Steph and Andy. As Steph and Andy fruitlessly scour the paper for an affordable flat, Michael suggests he could move back in with them and split the rent. Steph, Andy and Michael approach Eileen and Phelan and confirm that they’re happy with the rent increase as Michael has agreed to move in. Eileen’s delighted while Phelan quietly fumes. Taking Phelan to one side, Michael warns him that he might have Eileen fooled, but not him.
SPARKS FLY FOR BILLY AND TODD Finding himself snowed under at the flower shop, Todd’s grateful when Billy offers to help out. As Todd thanks Billy for his help, there’s a charged moment between them. Flustered, Billy heads out of the shop leaving his phone behind.
ELSEWHERE Dev and Mary arrive at the spa hotel only to find there’s been a mix-up with the booking and they have to share a room. Mary offers to sleep on the sofa. Clearly in agony after his back wax, Dev suggests to Mary they skip dinner and enjoy their complimentary minibar. Dev falls into a drunken sleep on the hotel bed while Mary knocks back another drink.

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